kwn baek sye =)

My very best friend, Faizli Salleh

oh ya.. stat to know him when I was in form 2.. his nick, AYIEZ.. was born on 14th january 1991.. hehe.. and he is the very best friend that i ever had.. oh ya.. lurve him so much.. as his fren la.. not his special girlfrend.. hehe.. we learn to be each other best friend since the accident.. haha.. when he suddenly open my bag to take a comic.. haiyo.. miss him a lot coz we were in a different school ryte now.. haha..

he is someone who is easy and fun to be with.. oh ya.. he always there to support me.. whenever i had a problem or just want to have a talk or a discussion.. kn ayiez kn? oh ya.. dat day.. he asked me to answer a poll at his page on friendster.. one of the answer is, “kindda stupid but always come out with brilliant idea” oh ya.. i’ve to admit it.. some times la.. dis guy, bleh dihrp.. tp kekadang sakit ati gak tgk cre dia.. adeyh.. but still a lot of good things to remember about him..

setakat nyh, kami x dela gado bser2.. setakat geram2 adela.. but then.. x smpi 24 jam, da baek smula.. uh ya.. last time kami geram2 nyh.. mse kt CS ari tuh.. ade ke ptt dia tinggalkn aku cmtuh je.. seb baek kwn2 aku sanggup antar balik umah.. ble citer dgn fazreen, aku plak yg kne marah.. hampeh btul.. tp yelakan.. sejak2 dgn ayiez.. aku bertmbh kwn lgkk.. and da pndi mkn kt luar.. oh ya.. jgn slh sangka.. maksud aku.. kuar dgn member.. ramai2 lepak2.. mkn2.. and ya.. his faveret place kt perling nyh.. SAYED la.. mne lgkk.. aku pon pelik.. ntah hape yg best.. da lar mencekik darah nak mampos.. dia ske plak g kedai2 gituh..

and ya.. he’s a kind of clever too and slumber.. haha… got dis girl.. she didnt believe ayiez already throw away her picca.. then i asked ayiez, what i should i tell dat girl.. this is wat ayiez reply responding to my mail about dat girl..

“bg die pantun
si cantek jelita name kenchana
jalan berkebaya dan berselendang
aq da x kuase melayannye
gamba sume 2 mmg aq da buang
lg satu..
habes sebulan kte beraye
habes beraya tentu kite epi
aq call dye mse raye bknnye ape
cume aq taw aq ni lelaki
ahakz..kk..mmg aq da buang pn..sumpah..”
haha.. i was laughing by myself.. mmg slumber gile.. but ya.. this pantuns might hurt dat girl.. so i dont send it to her.. coz.. both of them are my friend tp ayiez tu pangkat lgkk tinggila.. hahha…
okeyy2.. dats all.. about him.. hopefully when he read this, he dont angry.. hahaha..
kpd ayiez,
smuga trus success…
igt aku slalu.. =)

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