I’m in love, so what??

hahaha.. love? wth is love?? love is something dat u share with others.. haha.. with a living thing or what ever it is.. ya ya.. i read something about it.. cinta ituh pasti ade utk dikongsi tnpa perlu diambil drpd org lain yg kita cintai.. so.. love.. i’m in love with my life.. i share it with my frens.. so what? are u unhappy with it? go to hell la.. x ya sebok2 dlm idop aku!! isk isk…

school was bored like hell.. everything was smooth btw, but ya damn bored. the first day je my mum’s time was relief by so-weird teacher, Fauzi.. hahaha.. and ya.. he always smiling at me like I’m wearing some sort of batch ‘i’m the hot chicks’ written on it to school.. hahahaha.. but ya.. history was fun.. fuyoo fuyoo dat teacher.. also dunno ar.. her voice is soooo LLLLOOOOOUUUDDDDD!!!! till u cant sleep in her class.. plus2 sape x siap keje kne cubit.. syok uh~~~

classmates.. hurm.. some of em can be sort into SKEMA group.. yeah yeah.. my mum already told me dat… i’ve to accept dat.. plus.. sitting with this ‘always smile :)’ girl, Ainur make me feel wanna shout.. hahahaa.. she’s so DIAM~~ haizz.. busan dowh.. i change my place in class today.. npe ek? oh.. i wanna give shafiqah a place for her.. hahaa.. poyo jep… got this boy.. pergh.. mke dia.. x leyh blah.. name dia, dot dot dot.. hahaha.. b4 aku pinda sek.. ade gak jmpe2 kt sek tuh.. mke dia buat aku rse cm.. ‘sombong siot..’ but then i realized how weird he is.. hahha.. ske nyanyi dlm kelas.. pastu.. erkk.. ntahlaa~~ susah~~ aku yg susah~~ class aku.. fuyooohhhh… lapang gile wa ckp lu.. mne x nye.. bdk2nye ade 24 je.. adedeyh~~~ lg sakett….

kenal dgn hanizah, khalida, aliah, sara, wani, suhaibah, shero [ name dia shahirah kot..], abdullah, hidayat, shah rizan, wanie, aishah, ain, azizan, megat, raffi, sharifah, ayu.. erk.. sape lg ek?? whatever the names are.. so, falling in love is not a mistake ryte?? hopefully i fall in love with my homework, teachers, frens.. ahhahaha.. so dat i can score with flying colour for my SPM.. hell yah.. dis Exam is suxx.. make me think and think and think before go to sleep… make me wanna kick kick things.. huhu~~

dats all 4 today.. and ya.. happy to be with all of them..

ps: asl aku call Shazri x dpt??


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