konflik dgn diri sendri..

korang caya telepati x? hurm.. kadang2 telepati tuh btul tau.. kekadang tipu dan ianya adalah mainan perasaan oleh setan… but hey.. i feel this kind of feeling for about a few days. npe ek? sometimes i feel like she like to be with me and be my friend.. but then.. i feel like she actually x sgtla nk kwan dgn aku.. npe ek? yeahhhhhhhh~~~~~ wateverrrrr…. please farhah.. pay ur attention to ur studiessssss….. and please make sure that she had nothing to do with you.. waaahhhh…its awful to remind yourself like thiss.. shit! hate it!

nk share photo r.. tp photos smua dlm laptop lggkkk satuh.. hampeh btul~~ and ya.. i’ve taken my picture with my new school batch.. sighhh =__________= hahaha…. :)) dats awful too… haizz.. let me see what picture dat i have here.. in the laptop that i use now.. wait eyh…

yeah.. akhirnye.. ade pon gmbr utk dishare.. hahaha.. ntah gambr sape2 je aku ltk.. uh ya.. nihla gmbr mr.danny yg aku gtau dlm entry yg lalu.. hahaha.. sopan x dia dudk?? xleyh blah ar kn??? hahhahaa.. jhtnye saye… biasalakn???? saje crik psl.. huhu~~ hrp dia x marah sbb saye da promote dia kt sinih. abisla.. makin popular mr.danny saye nnt.. hahaha.. dia sy punye ke? mne ade.. dia kawan kawan aje. tp best wo.. dia cm best arr.. gituhla citernye.. hahahaha… sengal jew..

yesterday, had a little misunderstood with suhail. dia x cukup tidur and yaa… aku jgk seyh jdkk mangsa.. its ok.. i’m glad to be that.. hahaha.. sesungguhnyeee.. sy amat2 sengal hari nih.. haizzz.. why eyh i like to relate the feeling with what is was not to be related on?? erkkk.. ape aku type nih??? cmnihla.. knape ek.. aku slalu libatkan hati dan perasaan dlm tingkah laku or anything that happened to me recently??? yay.. so confiusing..

ym with faiz. he’s a kind of special fren actually. hahaha.. faiz faiz.. watever.. he knew it! yey.. also dont know how.. he keep listing his prediction about my problems one by one.. and ya. some of them, are true.. hahaha.. he said he dont read my blog.. so.. how he knew it??? hahhaa.. if he read also never mind la.. he’s my friend. always there when i need him.. hahaha… sengal gile but ya… he’s so supporting and happening.. sometimes only la.. and today, he keep wondering why he so RAJIN.. rajin for what tatau la.. myb psl his schoolworks and blablabla.. hahahaha…

hoho.. i attended green house meeting today even i’m not registered yet.. hahaha.. ske2 aku je.. dat girl asked me to go with her to s…. haha.. cant remember yellow house name already.. but i refused and when to my mum’s room.. put my bag and walked to balai bestari and met pn.mazliana, my super duper funny biology teacher.. lurve her laa… and just staring here and there looking for zulaikha, who asked me to join her in green house.. yay.. and finally, i found her nowhere.. shit! geram btul aku tdy.. then then.. after the meeting, i walked to canteen and met hidayat and asked him about zulaikha and asked shah rizan also.. haizzz…. and i saw her in front of library’s door.. haizzz.. geram btul aku.. sabo jerr…

uh ya.. when to SETA after school. met nabila and yay.. cant remember her name!!!! haizz.. whats wrong with u hah??? gila btul~~ and i when to canteen and met my long lost brotherr… hahaha.. ske2 je.. xdela.. abg tuh.. dr thun lps dok tnye.. tahun dpn pindah x? pindah x? pindah x? so.. this year, mmg pinda.. and i asked him, mee~~ yay.. and saje2 minx sambal and he said.. wah.. ngade2 eyh bile dtg SETA.. biarla…i like what~~ hahaha.. rindu siot dgn mmber2 kt seta.. adedeyhhhh…. rindu gilerr… and i just like.. wanna cry ryte now~~ miss giler2 kt aten, farrah, atik, idayu, ain, zhi xian yg kepoh, goma, nityah, fidah, hawa, sarina, timah, hajar, miera… waa… ramai ar yg aku rindu2 an tuhhhh… harpnye dis saturday dpt g sne and njoy puas2.. hahaha.. kn? kn? kn?

ouh ya.. talking about telepati.. some of them can really make u happy and some of them will make ur life worst than ever.. hahaha… hopefully, what i feel is only what i feel and have nothing to do with that girl…hurm.. wateverlaaaa… and ya.. i REALLY REALLY like Mr.danny photo~~ hahaha.. the one that i share it here! hahaha.. jgn marah mr.danny~~

ps: I really really need to talk to someone~ can anybody who read this call me late at nyte to comfort me??? hah..


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