getting to know myself.. haha..

i got this from a book entitled, giant book of brain teasers. and this part was amazing.. haha..XDXD and i just love it!

1- What I want most in the world is..
Being love just like the way I love myself.. wink wink..

2- I feel sorry for..
not being myself in certain situations or conditions..

3- When someone hurts me, I..
cry and call my bro, yin.. or anyone la yg bes2 uh.. haha..

4- If I were 21, I..
would be married to a man.. hahaha.. XDXD gatal gatal..

5- I like to eat at…
McD, big fan of Chicken McDeluxe laa…

6- I am really good at..
giving a speech which is talking and writing / typing.. hahaa..

7- I never want to forget..
the moment I say ‘I love you’ to someone bcause I never say that to anyone.. haha.. ‘I syg you’ maksudnye laen keyyy??

8- Sometimes I dream about..
meeting a car accident.. seram woo…

9- When I was little..
I like to geget my necklace.. so good la me..

10- My favourite time of day is..
Midnyte.. sunyi uh..

11- I wish I could..
Fly to anywhere that i want.. huhu ~.~

12- I would rather read than..
doing my super marvelous schoolwork that gave me headache..

13- I do not like to..
spend my time doing nothing bcause nnt i start thinking doing something bad *.*

14- I love it when..
Anyone told me that he/she love me even as a good fren.. ( I’m a good fren tau.. haha..)

15- I am afraid of..
My God.. He knows every single thing that I’ve done in my life.. waa….

ps; be whatever you want to be.. huhu..


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