how to spell this? S.C.H.O.O.L? ergghhh…

hahaha… its school.. tomorrow but yeah.. havent done anything.. hahaha.. tipoo tipoo.. i’ve done most of my homework.. most la not all bcause i was so lazy to do it. plus.. period pain is making me sick!! ergh.. tension tension (T.T) bile la sme nyh nk berlalu~~ senarai semak aku da nk full. tp tula.. DA NAK FULL blom FULL lagkk.. adedeyh.. tp aku sunggoh semangat nk gosok baju sek ari sabtu, smlm la..

so, you’ll never walk alone in this world~~ yeah.. i got this.. when i walked along the path to southest end of benua asia.. hahaha.. saje je.. and i was thinking about it.. its true la babe.. yela… even there is no body with u.. i mean human being la kn.. there’s still GOD with u and HE will make sure that you’re ok and so on so forth.

but yeah.. why still we feel that we walk alone in this world? hurm.. myb in certain situation la kan.. u have to do it on ur own. u have to make ur own decision upon something and yeah.. upon so may things in the future so that u can have a better life. kn? but yeah.. being alone is actually teaching ourself to be independent. kn? without we knowing it la.. when we do it, we learn so the next time we have to do it again, there should be no problems. ;D

ouh ho.. when u hear the words ‘once upon a time’ you will wait and wait to know the tales and things that make ur fantasy grow up up and up~~ haha.. [out of topic da..]

so, nothing fun today cme aku bru tahu yg aku da terlps birthday amey, pd 8-2-08 ari tuh. haha.. nk wat cmne. aku pon da jaoh dgn k.dayah uh.. hahaha.. bukan ape.. she;s a kind yg ntahla.. usually klau aku da kureng ske, aku mls shgt nk layan.. hahaha.. so.. thats all..

ouh ho.. aku pon tataula ap si fiqa da kabo ke mr.weird uh.. suhail, jgn kasi aku harapan~~~ waa…. tp klau betul, aku la paling happy~~ ergh.. dats only a dream, fa~~ like a rainbow. you see it but u cant touch it and its lovely to have a cup of coffee saat2 nih.

ps; lagu letto – rasakan makna bes~


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6 thoughts on “how to spell this? S.C.H.O.O.L? ergghhh…”

  1. oh oh~tension nampak~ eheheh XD

    suhail ade byk name owh o_O
    antaranye adalah:
    mr.weird seperti yg kamu nyatakan
    kapten koperasi
    anak jasni!!
    suhel XD
    org tue
    lg ape tah~others,u name it,i list it ;D

    period pain mmg menyeksakan – –
    sbab itulah kita ada panadol!;D

    oh kesian kena skola ari isninXD

  2. ouh ho..
    mr.weird uh bukan suhail~~~
    suhail uh bukan mr.weird~~
    iman ituh bukan suhail yep.
    jgn sala faham.

    to suhail;
    salah aku kn?
    sorry yep~~~

  3. ala die pun pelik gak XD
    extremely o_O
    very very very
    the most weird person i have ever met in this world
    veeeeeeeeeeeeeery weird i say XD
    x dpt diterangkan~ dont tell me ade lagi spesies cam die o_O dan lagi hebat O_O>?! NNNOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUNIA DAH NAK BERAKHIR!!!!!!!!!GAAAACKK!!!!CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!
    XD XD

  4. wahahaha…
    ade lgkk pelik dr dia.
    dan suhail ituh x pelik laa..
    ntah hape2 la iman nih..
    x pe..
    di amponkan oleh suhail la tuh..

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