Salam to everyone.

Today is really something to me. yeah.. wanna know why??? sbb ari nihhh.. dpt jmpe akak2 uhh lagi. hurm.. da lame sgt tak jmpe diorg. and miss those time during KBM. and yeah.. kak ‘abyd was nowhere to be found.mybe she’s tired because of ABJZ’s program yesterday. akak, if you happen to read this, i would like you to know that i miss you. huhu.

hoho.. actually, program ni referring to Reunion Alumni KBM lepasan SPM. so,, jdklah Rileks. ngee~

I met new people too. there were 4boys from 2 diff schools, permas jaya 3 and teknik azizah. and the one who came from teknik azizah looked at me weirdly mayb bcause he recognised  me as one of the fasi last year in his school. he live in Perling which is near to my house. haha. and there was a girl, we called her Wawa from permas jaya 3. so,,, overall, there was only 8 school leavers today. but yeah,, its okey cause like malay people says, sikitsikit lamalama jadik bukit. tak gitu?

there is kak yatie with her daughter, Fatiya, kak Ani, kak G (new people, from KL), kak ida (teacher from permas jaya 3), Pak Im with 3 children of his, Anas Razak, Ghazi, Jamil, Abg Yeop and his wife and their children and a married couple with their daughter (i cant remember their names).

We did taaruf before that with akaks and breakfast then just talk2. playing game (1 game only) huhu. which required us to be in a circle out of paper that fit everyone there. and yeahh.. tarbiyah. love it! and talking about next plans of KRJ. huuhh.. cant wait for it.

28 February will be the next time that we’re going to meet each other again. maybe. InsyAllah. hope for it. 🙂 in ABJZ’s program at Kompleks Islam Johor. Mai mai remaja islam semua kite pegi!

at the end of this Rileks’s program (they said this was their second time doing something like this), we sang a long DM (Fatiya said DM referring to Demi Matahari song by Snada. she lovesssss that song very much :)) together and Abg Yeop is the one who enjoy the song very much like Fatiya. huhu.

Anyway, I’ve a great time with them and hope to see/meet/talk with them soon 🙂

oh ya,, I went there with my friends, Sarah Qistina and Fatimah. and telah dihantar oleh my mum. hoho. ianya dibuat di Taman Rekreasi Tmn Mutiara Rini dan tempat itu saaaaangggggaaaaattttt BESAR!!!!

till then, very sleepy rite now. yeah.

ps: dunno why this post is like rojak as i wish i would write this post in english. ==” it reminds me my homework!!! gaaaaaaaa…


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5 thoughts on “Rileks”

  1. iye syg..haha.mmg penat sangat.mmg berat badan dan mata.walaupun jd MC je, tp sminggu dua tu berpenat lelah..adeh!! sorry ye.. jumpe di kompleks islam iA.. ^_^

  2. oh btw..akk kan jadi pengurus+coach skola akak utk netball tu,mase under18, sape tah dak SDARY tego akak..aiyoyo~mmg tak kenal la kan..kih3..bria je die kenalkn diri kt akak.. isk3. teruk akk ni kan.

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