tag 25

ditag oleh adik aku y nk amik spm tahun ni, Ariff Erzanie.

“Rules : Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.” (when you do this tag, please ignore the strikeout.haha. I’m going to change the rules :P)

1. I’m a girl.

2. Currently waiting for my spm result.

3. live somewhere in Johor.

4. Eldest in the family.

5. I love them as my big brothers (AG, Eri, Shah, AD, yoe) since i dont have one.

6. My bestfriends are boys in gender. they are Ayiez and Ikram.

7. I lovesssssssss red and purple. haha.

8. currently waiting for someone but I’m sure that he would not come back to me. XDXDXD haha. sengal. but i keep praying. haha. yeah yeah. sometimes i feel like i’m just plain stupid. bcause of this ‘waiting’.

9. I think i will be married at the age of 21. haha. gila awal.

10. I should cook more often. haha.

11. hoho. i’m used to watch Rachel Ray’s talkshow (i think it is talkshow) in 2 different channel everyday. nt7 and channel (spore).

12. i loveeeeee cooking show. haha. oliver twist by jamie, rachel ray and etc etc.

13. i think ppl who already been a singer like tomok, pja, amelia shouldnt enter one in a million program. please give this chance to others. haha.

14. er.. when i was young, i used to stay back at school. haha.climbing the trees with friends, ronda ronda 1 kg (when i was in Mersing).

15. i got an offer from international college/university. know nothing about it and i dont think i will accept the offer even UK is my dream. haha. dont know la. hvnt discuss with the family yet.

16. I always miss someone. everyday. every minutes. everytime before i sleep. i hope my dream will come true esp when it comes to love-thingy.haha.

17. before i sleep, i will misscall certain ppl. haha. just to make sure that ‘certain ppl’ remember me before they went to sleep. silly rite?

18. i just love reading. currently, i’m reading a book entitled “warkah cinta berbau syurga”. it teachs me a lots.

19. I’m still taking an English class in KUMON and in level I dunno when I’m going to level J as my mum always ask me to go to the class but i refused and stay at home doing nothing with all the homeworks.

20. currently, I’m writing a story about a girl’s life wth her family here, entitled [1+4].

21. my emotions are various. certain times i will feel sad suddenly, and some other times, i will feel happy and laugh a lot. ==” idk why this happen to me. btw, i always have a great laugh with Eri. dont know why. haha.

22. i miss my school life. haha. the nerd in me typing and i’m not sure whether I’m ready enough to continue my study. haha.

23. admiring someone who is close to you is really like a big trouble so,, i will keep this thing in myself. haha. hopefully, my future husband is like someone who i admired so much. i means his attitude and all that stuffs.

24. i love all this tag-thingy but this tag is killing me softly as idk wht i should state here.

25. I finally finish my school era, finish this tag-thingy and i want to be a doctor. haha. pray for me yeah.

hm.. i want to tag :





Faiz a.k.a Bro Faiz ^_^

– anyone who want to do this tag.

aku takde mode dengki skrng ni so aku currently blurr nk tag sape. haha.


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