Level J

Assalamualaikum everybody. ngee. i think i’m going to type a lot today.

first of all, today just weennnnttt TOO WELL.heeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~ i just love today.

second,, I finally passed the Achievement Test for Level I today. see, what a good day. and for that reason.. here is my speech towards my achievement today. (this will be like rants and merepek.lallaa.just to make my post long~)

Hai.Assalamualaikum everybody.

today.. i finally passed level I even there were still more homework to be corrected.hahahha.okey. cut the crap. i would like to say THANK YOU to my mum who is willing to send to the class even if i was lazy to go (she will force me. lalala. ) and took my homework from the class if i was absent. i love you mum.and thanks for paying the monthly fees. (i paid some when i have money okey?? huhu)

secondly, i would like to say THANK YOU to my instructor, Miss Yew and her husband. you guys are fun!!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 i love you la miss yew. and thanks for giving me lotttsss and lottssss of chance for me to be one of your centre’s completer.

and lastlyyyyy,, i would like to say THANKS and CONGRATULATIONSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! to myself.lalalalala. i know i prasan so much. but yeah, its me okeyyyy?? so, i have to say congrats to myself for this hard work.lalalala.for finally finish all level I homeworks. yeahh.. i just LOVEEEEEEEE my self. <333333 i would like to say THANKS to myself because i went to KUMON willingly today without anyone force me! hahahahhaha. you are such a good girl fa. llalalaalla.

thats all. CONGRATULATION TO FA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dont malas malas ye fa doing all level J homework. the homework look exciting (just to motivate myself :P)

thirdly,, i went somewhere in undan 10 today.hahhaha. in front busy bees kindergarten.lalalala. i thought that ayiez was in the park so i thought i want to meet him.then he said he was somewhere at undan 10.so,, i walked and walked until i met undan 10.lalallala. then, we talked and blablabla. he’s smoking. ==” he is a baby-sitter and he’s smoking.what a very good boy he is right?? adeyhhh. then,, a daddy came to pick up his sons and smoking too. its remind me of my uncle who smoke during his work and not smoking when he was at home.

lastly,, i think i made a wrong decision about this weekend. ergh………


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