hari tu pergi usrah dgn kak ani. teringat antara isi y dpt uh.. hurm..kak ani ckp sbnrnye bila kita menangis uh kita marah. yes. hari nih aku mengkonfemkan perkara tersebut.

baru pas nangis.gile sengal.just because certain amount of money da nangis.pastu pasal 1 mangkuk ayun nih.amik kau.kan da kne.mcm tutttttt je nk ckp shopping dgn pakwe.wtfish aku shopping dgn pkwe plak kn? mmg mangkuk ayun btul r.nk kne sepak (by hand), sepak (by kaki) btul.buat org tensi!

sabar jela.huh.bosan.

tumpuan terjejas.ceh.poyo btul ayat.

called sarah and talked to her.i saw wany and shefa otw to Angsana.oh ya, JOM MASUK U was held at ANGSANA from today until tomorrow. 10 am to 6 pm. short time period.lalala. the only booth that attracted my attention was UITM’s booth as they (uitm’s ppl) still there even the time was already passed 6pm.hahaha.gila rajeeen you.

i met my neighbour.the husband is planning to take Master and suddenly my dad said that he want to take PhD (permenant head damage. XDXDXD). met my mum’s old friend.her son got 9A’s for SPM.congrats helmi.so, should i continue my study? lalalalala.

i met my old sigs’s friend, rahanim.she’s in MRSM alor gajah when she took her SPM.she got 7A.and yeah. Ili Suryanie, my old buddy from sigs and together with rahanim in MRSM, got 8A.er.. i met rahanim only.and she with my mum talked about my height. (yea..aku mmg PENDEK.and so what???) tensi aku!

dahlah.i’m gonna continue my reading. SANG PEMIMPI by ANDREA HIRATA.writer for LASKAR PELANGI.this is my second time i wrote this out.


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