tagged by syan

winddef2was tagged by syan y sweet 🙂

about 10 birthday wishes.


A new handphone. SE/Nokia only.


A new laptop. NEC will be fine.


A groom session for my room.


A digital camera.


A MP3/MP4 or Ipod.


A vacation to China/ another umrah trip.


Accessories  such as necklace, bracelet, ring ^_^


HIM or maybe lots of BOOKS!


lots of cloths.haha.


all my wishes come true.haha.

so,, nak tagged sape ek?

– Kristina Faye

– Eida

– Azz @ wanie

– Iza-chan 🙂

– Bihah-chan 🙂

– all my girlfriends y ade kt my bloglist nih.okey? jgn tak buat tau!


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