salam utk semua.

yeah…today is friday.and i only have one paper today which is biology 1 and i think i’ve done it okey-ly.hahaha.ok, this is kinda longgg post (kinda but i’m still not sure about it).

english papers were okey but then it still hard for me esp for extended writing which asked us to write about ‘television is often blamed for violence increase in our country’. agree @ disagree and i’m in the middle.

math papers were super hot! super tough! super crazy! super damn! super-only-GOD-know-what-it-is.mmg agak jahanam.semua nk bagi ln dgn exponen.gile! igt kepala kitorg nih pc ke bleh masuk data n kuar konklusi jek? cikgu pon ckp soalan agak, kinda dont blame us if the results are bad. 😛

chemistry papers were super duper hot! super duper tough! super duper extra damn! hahaha.sungguh geram. it feels like we know nothing about chemistry after all.blueeeeehhh.mcm ape je.i cried in my room after answering chemistry paper 2.blame me and i blame u back! ok.this is nonsense but yeah..i sucked! chemistry cm ape jek. i’m feeling like i’m throwing some kind of knife towards my parents by answering those papers like that. (this is soooo not me).

so,, biology paper 1 was quiet ok.cant say more as there’s still paper 2 waiting for us this monday.pray for me.ok? i really hope for you guys punye prayers.ok?

oh, as planned, buat jamuan raya utk praktikum hayat 25.yeah..its kinda late but it is better to do it than nothing right? so,, makan nasi tomato, ice lemon tea & tembikai (tembikai is ammar’s idea) and if Godwilling, we are planning to go to Ledang after our MUET speaking exam this tuesday (the day after last paper for PSPM) i think i’m going to upload the pictures later as the jamuan is actually on 5 pm and right now is only 3.57pm.hahaha. :))

*switch language

tdi, aku ammar dgn wan pegi admin.jemput cikgu.kitorg jemput cikgu zariah (chemistry’s tutor), cikgu fiza (math’s tutor), cikgu maya (biology’s tutor + lecturer half sem 1), cikgu mardiana (biology’s practical teacher + lecturer sem half sem 1), cikgu irda (our mentor -MUST jemput!), cikgu hasnul (our science informatics teacher), cikgu azrani (our chemistry’s practical + lecturer half sem 1). kitorg minx cikgu bwk kueh raye.ngeh3.harapnye adelah ye wan jahat, dia suh cikgu bwk duet raye.hahahaha.

kitorg borak2 dgn cikgu irda mse kt admin.yeah..mcm2 esp psl PSPM.dia tau kitorg dpt soalan susah. (dia ajr chemistry tp x ajar kitorg). mcm2 la ckp. mcm2 diluah.ngeh3.seronoklah jugak.sbb cm 1st time kot aku borak2 dgn cikgu uh.hahaha.sebelum nih pk bukan2 je psl cikgu mentor aku uh.isk, happy sket la tdi.and one thing for sure,,, “kalau awak lepas SEM 1 nih bermakna Allah nk bagi awak peluang dan gunakanlah peluang itu utk buat terbaek pada masa akan datang”.she even said about pengajaran y diperoleh lepas jawab PSPM. so, no wonder la most of the cikgu in this matric said that, “PSPM is a wayyyyy harder than UPS” (=_=”)

so, sekarang nih kerjanya…

  1. doa
  2. doa
  3. doa
  4. doa
  5. doa

sampai rase puas hati dengan doa y dipanjatkan pd tuhan. sbb nk return back the time is totally possible as there is no time machine. klau ade pon, aku xnk kot sbb kire cm useless.ngee 😀

ape2 pon, aku dah agak tenang dari beberapa hari sebelum ini. thanks to few persons that i turned over to tell and express what i feel.thank you so much!!! gracias!!! arigato!!!

so, next post akan di-type bile aku dirumah.

sekian.terima kasih 🙂

ps: got some hot ideas utk mengarang! rindu nk mengarang!


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