recently, i’ve been introduced by hawa, my roomate, to korean dramas.yeah.. such an outdated girl.but still, i did watch few korean thingy few times back.huhu.

so, she introduced me to Boys Over Flowers.i’ve heard of it before but on that time, i wasnt as interested as i am, i’m addicted to those things now.hahaha.

i watched BOF until the final episode and fall for Ji Hoo.he is soooooo handsome and nice and fulamak…his hair was AWESOME!huhu.his character was a wayyyyyy TOO GOOD for a man.i wish i have my future husband of that kind of person. (hahahahaha.berangan suda…)

i watched BOF with hawa last time and this time i watched it alone.lalala.seronok ouh.and hawa gave me a list of movie to watch.korean movie.since i’m using this-so-good-lappy, some of the videos are unable to be watched. =_=

anyway, i’ve watched HELLO SCHOOLGIRL, SOMEONE SPECIAL, ANTIQUE BAKERY. ouh ya.. i also watched 100 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT but that was in pah’s house.there others were in a website.

you guys who love bakery so much should watch antique bakery.they baked nice, delicious and lovely cakes.pergh…leleh air liur sebenarnya the story is more about the owner that when he was young, he was kidnapped and the kidnapper forced him to eat cake,, the owner intention was actually to make the kidnapper interest in the cakes from his shop then adelah lagi few things.well, nk citer lebih2 xbest la kan.. so, you guys should really watch it.other than the gay parts.hahaha. =))

hoho.hari2 crik movie y best nk ditgk.i was thinking to watch ONE LITRE OF TEARS.tgk sinopsis mcm seronok jek.hoho.then bile ckp psl citer uh,, terigt pulak kt sorng bdk nih.huhu.baru igt nk bagi sms, kedit pulak xde.ades.xpe2.

anyway,, gtg. nk crik movie laen pulak.


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