further study

Assalamualaikum wbt everyone 🙂

it has been a few days since i update my blog.hurm…result da kuar tp tk smpi umah lagi.and i got above 3 pointer.syukur sgt2.here goes my result (i’ve said that i’m going to tell you guys right about my result?)

  • Chemistry : A-
  • Biology : B+ (unexpected)
  • Mathematics : B
  • English : C

sucks on English.got no idea why.last sem i got B for my English and this sem C.whatever.i dont like the teacher anyway. 😛 i guess i need to learn English more by now.huhu. so, my pngs is 3.35 (better than the last sem as this sem no C for the main subjects – last sem i got C for biology huh) and my overall pointer is 3.22 (not bad for me as it pass 3 pointer )

my first choice to further my study is UTM.ngee 😀 course Chemistry.i guess i have chemistry in Chemistry so i was thinking to take it as my course.ngaaa.ape kau merepek ni fa?? hurm.. to be exact, i dont really know what i want to be thus its kinda hard for me to decide which path i should take to further my study.ngaaaa 😀 boleh tk duk rumah pastu tunggu org minang je?

anyone with any suggestion?? i’ve this kinda of feeling that i need to continue my father’s business some day ahead but then i also want to do what i’ve interest in.hurm… so, cmne ni? any good advice for me? so, the last date to update upu is 23 May 2010. hurm.. hope these few days left will help me figure out which path i should take.

ohh ya,, i’m now watching HANA YORI DANGO SEASON 2. hahaha. tau dah lame citer ni but then when i want to watch it last time iwhat come to my mind is that BOYS OVER FLOWER is the best version ever.hahaha.tp same je aku rse and i fall for the sama character too! hahaha. i fall for JI HO in BOF and for HYD i fall for HANAZAWA RUI.huhu. dua2 best!!!

next on the list is theory class.ouhh..did i tell you i got 48 out of 50 for undang2?? huhu.i guess i’m ok with driving after this.hurm.. it already pass a month now. one more month to go before i finally away again from my family. am i ready for that? hahaha.

till then, take care fellow friends.

salam sayang,



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