salam semua.

hurm.. ade ke y tertanya2 fa pegi ke usm uh? haha.sini nak maklumkan kepd anda2 dan anda semua bahawa saya, farhah telah menerima tawaran ke USM, kampus induk, Penang nun.so, anda pasti akan tidak berjumpa saya hanging around jb after this.haha.

so, cmtulah ceritanya.saya telah pon menerima tawaran dan sekarang ni berdoa banyak2 moga tuhan bg kekuatan mental dan fizikal saya utk ber-far far away dari jb.ohh jb, aku syg kamu!

then, hari tu fa ade bace buku cerita entitled “terasing” by hilal asyraf.ouhh ouhh…hilal asyraf nih fofuler you.rugi you tkbace buku dia.well well, ape y diceritakan dalam buku sometimes ade kaitan dengan ape yang terjadi dalam hidup kita.well, life is never prefect aite? as well as the tajuk, terasing is about people who thought it is some other fellow faults when that particular people got terasing from these fellow people.auw.its hurt.i know but when to think of it in a deeper meaning, we should not asingkan our self.overall, this book is awesome and you should really really buy and read it.ohh come on, support our local writer ok!

right now, i’m reading NOT WITHOUT MY SISTER.ngaaa.. we should also read english book you know.to gain knowledge and to learn english in an interesting way.hoho.this book was written by 3 sisters namely Juliana, Celeste and Kristina.why you need to read this book? this book is a real-life story ok! lots can be learn from the book. the story is about life of these sisters during the year of cult.something like that.about the religion to be exact. story about the sesat2 people around the era of 1980s. about the sex abuse among kids, spanking and other violence things.ngaa. i’ve read it until part two and now i’m going to read part 3.heh..so slow.anyway, do read a lot of books ok~

then, hari ni masak lauk.hahaha.terpengaruh dgn satu blog ni.haha.sbb dlm blog uh citer psl masak kicap then aku pon terpikirlah nak masak kicap.hurm… ayah makan td cm ok je.maybe okeylah kot.haha.aku dahlah pakai masukkan je bahan2.well well, i’m here to declare to AG that fa reti masak ok~!! er…maybe the last time you call that i wasnt cooking because of something else.hahaha.papepon, nanti bila nk kawin, konfem segala jenis masakan utk santapan bakal suami aku terer.haha.sudah2 jauh kau pk ye fa.

hurm..next post MAY be about someone.

thats all.

take care everyone.

ps: there’s a time when family are like strangers and strangers are like family – hlovate


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