i’m injured

salam semua..

hurm..hari ni injured.ade tersadung sikit mse maen badmintan and it’s hurt.adehh.berdarah.mesti pedih bila mandi.huwaaaaaaaa….seriously, aku seorang yang tak tahan sakit.sila well known about it (ditujukan kpd future husband yang tataulah spe.maen type je ni).

to AG, i wasn’t mean to say that.it just slipped out of my hand.seriously, no intention to hurt you~ huuuu~~ I’m sorry~ seriously sorry.i know that you’re trying to comfort me because I’m seriously feeling lonely there (Penang for sure) with no relatives (heh..there are some but i barely know them, second + third cousins and whatsoever).

ohh yaa…


to My father, Kamarudin Bujang.

to all my uncles (mum and dad’s side- too many to list them)

to all uncles that i known from KRJ ( pak long, pak tam, pak anjang, abu nuha and bakal2 bapa and others)

to all fathers in this world!!!

ps : trying to catch up all those stuff is really hard.shesh..


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