Assalamualaikum wbt semua

countdown : 3 days left

aish..asik2 ayat yang same je nk start blogging.hurm…i’ve been away for few days.sbbnye..adelh.rahsia.agagaga.

first, i spilled too much just because i want attention.ngaaa.bad bad me.anyway, i did agreed that we, women need to spill what we felt and such.klau tk, lagi parah you guys nk handle women.ngaaa.tkde kaitan pon sbnrnye.anyway, big THANKS to kak Mariam for not forcing me to spill on her.agagaga.

second, i met AA.haha.sedih ;( sbbnye last time i saw AA was like a year before this year.during raye.and now, i met him.dia ok.sihat walafiat siap da habis study lagi.agaga.good for him i think.he asked me why i didnt tell him that i’m in jb.and i told sarah about it plus i said “ohh..dia da habis beljar, dia tkbgtau, ana tk kesah pon” and so on.ape2 pon, its hurt.still.

third, i dont know what i should pack in my bag because i have less t-shirt (which i need to wear in these few days before i go) and others.i have like lots of baju kurung.and baju kurung are not going into the bag as they ( baju kurung is human already) already hang to hanger.i need space to put in my tshirt and all those other stuffss.aaaahhhh…really lazy to pack~ help me pack my things pretttyyyyyy please (read it with more than 6 harakat ok~)

fourth, i havent pay the fee.i dont know whether i should go to bank islam to pay or just ask my mum to pay for it through maybank choose!

fifth, i met a lot of new sisters during the program, i met kak Asma’ Amatullah (kak amat), kak Mariam (Mariam rawks, that her name in my hp, she saved it that way), Mariam, Muna Adilah (i met her before during EMI), Aliya Adz (she lovess to bully me), Aliya K, Kak long (ngaa..forgot her first name) and lastly, kak Syaimaa (she is the daughter of my parents’ friend).

sixth, i got desasiswa Restu in USM kampus Induk.and guess what, the hostel is far far far away from faculties and masjid.walllaaaa…but anyway, after searching the webbie, i found out that restu hostel is kinda has like 10 floors.thanks goodness that it have lift.ngaaa.and i think i have a roomate only after this.hopefully, my roomate is OKAYYYY!

seventh, i should write a short story but then, lost in my own world.

eighth, i think the program is kinda a kick-start for me.pray for me yeah.btw, it can be any thing.right?

ninth, i need money.nk shopping like now!!! argh..nk new phone.boleh tk? ok2.stop merepek but i really need money right now cause i have like tonnes in my mind list of things to buy before i shoes, tshirt and all those stuffs.argh..malasnyaaaaa T.T

lastly, jom recite~

i’ve been typing unnecessary things.what ever.just feel like typing.erk…stop wasting your time need to pack your things.

till then people.

all the best.

ps: it still hurt.deep inside.

pss: kak Asma’ Aminuddin said that, i look thinner and depressed.dear doctor, can you give me anti-depression?


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