interesting, friend

Assalamualaikum wbt.

hurm..first of all, more and more posts with protection.sorry guys.i just cant let you guys read just too OPEN to be read by so many people.thousands of apologize.

today, we have to read out aloud about our new in USM.i got Siti Aminah as my partner.hehe 😀 she is such a lovely girl.hehehe 😀 kne puji ni. sbbnye dia ckp i sweet okey.hahaha.aku rse nk gelak part dia bce “i think farhah is a sweet girl” yeay~!!! finally, there’s someone who admit that i’m a sweet girl.lalalala.

okayyy, so i write about her.i made up story.hello, english is about made-up-some-story-then-you’ll-get-marvelous-marks.hahaha.okayy,, thats my mindset but it useless.dont ever think like that okayyy?i wrote about her father was so happy to get her as their first baby and she looks like goddes blablablabla.teacher was like “what a good job you have done! i want something like this”. i was sooooo shyyyy.shyyy gila you know. ~_~ hahaha.teacher dgn supportive nye ckp “why did you tell her in the first place? you tell her then she tell the whole class” 😉 sila gelak skrang~!!! bgithu lagi bnd2 merepek pasal kau ye fa.

okayy..there’s a part where HS highlight when i told HS about 10 things about myself and guess what, she write about it.and the whole class was like “aaaaaa.wwwaaaa…” teacher also created the same sound.blurghh..blushing gila time uh.aminah also said “i dont know for how long she have the blablablabla…… (tk dpt nk fokus ape dia ckp sbb malu gila, i feel like the whole class is looking at me =_=)  i hope she will get a good husband watsoever (time ni guwa mmg dah hilang fokus gila gila)”

okay mina.skrng ni ty, kenapa byk2 bnda aku tulis kt situ, hang nk tulis jugak bnd yang HS highlightkan?? waaa.. tp tkpela.sbbnyee 😀 a lot of my things reminds me about the past.hahaha.sila berangan lagi.sudah2lah fa’ll get nothing out of it. khalid ckp dgn aku yang aku nye “everytime before sleep, Farhah will misscall certain ppl just to make sure that certain ppl will remember her before they went to sleep“, dia pon buat jugak.heee 😀 i ade gang dah~!!!! by day, this thing is getting more interesting yet i’m afraid if something happen between us.i mean, i used to put so much hopes in a relationship even i know i’ll be the one who hurt so much when the hopes cracks. =_= okayy, pe kau merepek ni makcik fa??? doa banyak banyak and someone will be yours.

ohh..kepada mereka mereka yang rajin membaca, terutamanya geng republic of 1991, fa da update blog FTS yang dah setahun ditinggalkan.hahahhaha ;D i mean, hello, it has been like ages.pastu, asl cm tetibe terajen terlebih rajen recently.maafkan jelah dia ye.

tu jela.


HS, sorry 😛 I knew I was not suppose to do that. tapi seriously, I da buat ape je?? heee.. okayy okayyy, jom fokus!!! kita ade test kan esok? 😛 okayy, fa jadi budak baik ye sekarang.

sekian.terima kasih.

ps : jari saya berlobang gara-gara sabun.dem you sabun.


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