Assalamualaikum wbt

apa kabar anda semuaaa?? fa dalam keadaan kurang sihat.yea.kurang sihat.sakit belakang and sakit jari.hari tu balik tk sempat nk g urut, smua orang busy -_- busy beraya.

oh..fa dah sampai USM.bertolak dr JB around 10PM then smpi Pulau Pinang, bumi belajar ni pd pkul 7AM.yes.7AM pastu amik teksi teros balik Restu and bru berkira2 nk buat kerja apa hari ni.hahaha.

bru berkira-kira jela sbb ntah ek.haha.

i have this weird feeling. hard to explain.even to someone who confess that he/she is close with me.

i should talk to my Lord right?

hurm..i guess i need to cut down everything esp IT-things. -_-”

i should realize and make my dream of about next year, come true.i mean, i really wanna go there. like REALLY~!!!!

remember what i’ve learned when i watched ‘GOD OF STUDY @ MASTER OF STUDY’

so, everyone..lets rock~! rawrrrr~!!!

boost up!

okayy..lets pray for me first.

thats all

take care.

salam. 😉

ps: yeah..i rants 😉


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