this video is SHINee’s Hello MV Teaser.please watch Minho in HANDSOME.Taemin too 🙂

Assalamualaikum wbt

ape kabar semua orang?? hehe 😀 this post will be about myself.yeah.i know i’ve been busy lately and posting about others.hehe 😀

i got some good news today.hehe 😀

and i know that my parents are suppose to be the first to know but yeah..since i knew it the moment in the class so my friends are the first to what i wanna say here? hurm..i’ve fully motivated since i went back for raya 2 weeks back.haha.dont know because GOD send HS to be my partner 🙂 hehehe. Thanks GOD.THANK YOU ALLAH.thanks HS for supporting me 😉 I Like You ❤

so, the happy news is that i got 24/30 for my 2nd math’s test.i wanna paint the town red.hahaha.happy was like for the first time in university’s life that i feel like i can do it~! hahaha. thanks to GOD,again and forever.THANK YOU ALLAH 😉

then, the other thing is about ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY.hurm..i think i started to like it now as me and my friends (mas esp) were eager to meet Doctor Wan at his office after text-ing him and we were like doing revision together with him.haha.but still the ‘sleeping’ in the class cant be avoided -.- anyway, i hope that i can do well in second test of analytical chemistry this sunday.yes readers, its SUNDAY~!!!!


i was suppose to get ready rite?

hurm…btw, last week we made a campaign (me and my fellow floormates) about drinking mineral water.yup.we are trying to be healthy here.anyway, i am the one who always break the rule.hahaha.i just cant avoid soya bean when i’m too hungry friends.sorry ;(

this week might be campaign ‘anti-facebook’ wish.

what else? hurm… i’m actually in UNSURE MODE OF HEART.i just dont know why and i wish that i can webcam-ing with someone.hurm..i miss you.nk webcam.i’ve been like asking for it for about more than a week but yet me and that person always busy and tired so we tend to postpone our nawaitu.haha.nawaitu ler sgt.i miss you babe~! klaulah tk jauh, konfem2 dah jumpe dah.kan? okayyy fa.stop talking to yourself -.-

ouh..i bought something.lalalala.i hope it will the first and the not the last.ape2 jela.

hurm…thats all.too sleppy already and HS,sleep well k~!

me with cousin, Ika.some people said I look diFF in is true?

okay everyone.please take care of yourself + enjoy your holidays 😉

salam 😉

ps : I Miss You, Always 😉


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