Assalamualaikum wbt

apa kabar semua orang? hari ni fa cm kureng sihat sikit sbbnye tdi masa angkat baldi cm terseliuh bahu -_- okey,just ignore it.

hurm..i’ve been falling in love with SHINee since in matric so its kinda officially 2 years now.hahaha.you wish 😉 huhu.okayy..nk citer yang hari ni jumpe byk gile tumblr SHINee and i was like OMG~! seeing those handsome faces -.- hahaha.indahnya ciptaan Tuhan kan? anyway, nk gtau je yang skrng ni tgh repeat watching ‘HELLO BABY’s SHINee’. to those ppls yang blm tgk, korang tgkla.konfem akan suka kt SHINee nih.hehe 😀

ouhh… learn.for me, life is about learning.learn everything around u.and when you talk about learn, you are talking about the knowledge that you get from learning.right? so today’s info is about learn. i mean, we can learn by various ways.by watching, hearing or even reading.

and i just want to know what are your opinion about learning system in Malaysia? you are allowed to comment as many as you want.okey? i’m a free person so i would like to know what is your opinions. or you can even write your own experience about learning.okey?

other than that, i’ve been watching a movie entitled ‘karate kid’ today and i learned that we just need to learn to adapt ourselves in new environment.just like me.i glances through my list-of-motivations-words that i wrote when i first come to USM.i have hard time back then that for me, even learning system is like slowly killing me but now, i feel like that situations really thought me a lot.yupp.LOTS OF THINGS.that you’ll never learn from books or anything else.oh..EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER.believe in me.

er..why suddenly get so serius? hahaha. anyway,, i just love SHINee.check out their comeback yesterday~!

Hello SHINee 😉

hurm..take care all.

pray for me okayyy? I got analytical chemistry’s test II tomorrow 10AM -.-


ps: just another merepek post -.- yeah i know.you dont hv to mention it. ;P


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