Assalamualaikum wbt

it has been awhile since i wrote something here.

something went wrong with myself.i got my mood swing of the month but yet i wasnt sure if it was the right time for mood swings.hahaha. ignore it.

life has been exhausting.LIKE SERIOUSLY~!!!!!

i eat more and more.heh.i think i’m gaining weight now.whatever.

so, yesterday, i fell off somewhere and tear of the skin on my knee.yeah.superCOOL, it hurt badly.cant get myself into water.yeay.haha.but i need to shower myself. -.- okay.watever lah.

i’ve been crying non-stop yesterday.i mean, most of the time, esp after the accident and yeah..i’m too depending on someone whose far away from me.should stop doing something like that right?

ouh.anyway, everything went wrong with me too.hurm..i’m not blaming all those things and i should not do that.

other than that, i feel frustrated.i knew i mean nothing to you.yes, i’m talking about you.really broken hearted.damn~! i should not cry about it right? i know you will whatsoever but then, who should i turn on to when i only see you?

okayy.ignore it~!

anyway, feel relieve that this whole finally comes to an end and guess what? on Sunday, i’m going a tour.hahaha.with my roommate and my friends.may and may not talk about it.

i just need someone esp someone like Hafizzah Ramli or NurulFateemah Razak.i just need them. ;(

oh dear god, please send me one of your angel to fix my broken heart.i can’t bear with myself.i just can’t see myself crying over something i shouldn’t.please show me the truth behind all these problems and troubles that came to my life.please god, give me some strength to pass these few weeks left here in Penang.

should stop now, cant stop crying till now.

take care everyone.dont worry about me too much.i just need some time alone.SERIOUSLY.

salam ;(


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