Assalamualaikum wbt

hari ni biase2 je plain bored, we had to do a presentation about the expo.and we are like the 2nd last group.we are supposed to present on 6-7PM but then the other groups still havent finish even the clock stroke seven, kitorg have to wait la kan until our turn. overall, less than 10mins -.- pdhal group members ade 5.and aku rse aku ckp tk smpi 2 minit pon.hahaha.anywayyy, i think that man just wanna see what our preparation.haha.mungkinlah.dlm ahli uh pulak, ayie je tk suka berniaga ^^ overall, okeylah.hehe 😀

smlm something happen, and hari ni aku diam tk byk ck p dgn dia.haha.bukan sbb nk bls dendam watsoever.tpi ntahlah.mlas nk gado2 lagi pon dah nk cuti dah.heeeeeeeeeeeeee.bila da nk cuti maksudnya da nk exam and guess whaaattttt?????..

i have 3 tests next week.and all the tests come from core subjects.okayyy all docs who teaches me, i really love you guys. T_T here’s the list of the test :

  1. Monday (25/10) : Analytical Chemistry test -__________-
  2. Tuesday (26/10) : Calculus test ^^,
  3. Thursday (28/10) : Inorganic test

mmg menarik gila kan??? -.- mmg menarik sgt. and this Saturday, i have KUT 101 test a.k.a final and on the same day, i am in charge to take care of Restu’s Football team -.- lagi menarik tahap gaban.mmg sumpah kne pandai manage mase.tula..gatal2 tangan letak name utk PE (Pembantu Exco) kekgi tgk2 kne PE Sukan.mmg padan dgn muka lah.tpi okey jugakla.nmpk cm byk bersukan walaupun buat keje pengurusan je.hahahahaha.okay,, tk lawak. -.- i know that.what everrrr~!

ape lgi?? seb baik my turn for english presentation is next week sbbnya mmg tkprepare ape2 pon.i mean, i didnt know that we need to wear formal and have a slide show together with us during the presentation and now i’m feeling tension.exam is just around the corner.blablabla.okay.hri ni nye presentation, shafi nangis when she talked about her siblings. -.- and she almost touched everyone hearts.and some of us (obviously not me) are crying TT_TT dasatkan?? hurm..i was thinking to do the other ques since most of us (again) do that ques so we are hearing the same thing all over again but with diff style so maybe i want to be diff and i will the public speaking differently.i hope so.

so tu jela for to go now.lab report kena hantar esk.and next and forever dah tk payah pikir psl lab lagi sbb last kaitan ade lab hanyalah pd sabtu ini.hehe 😀

take care everyone.


ps : almost everyone busy dgn diorngnye JPA, aku FAMA je ;(


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