.just dont.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

apa kabar anda semua?? alhamdulillah saya sihat je.tet..mcm ade org ty kan fa kau sihat ke tk.lalalala.anyway, life has been hard on me tpi… nilah yang dinamakan ujian dari tuhan.oh..ive been crying non-stop too.but not today la.the other day.

so, recently, has been busy with test and quiz.yeah.i got my 3rd test result already and it still flunk.er.am i suppose to be happy or what??? ntahlah.some sort of giving up on life actually but then…ntah.i just dont know what make me wanna stay here and erase all the hatred bit by bit but i guess its all up to me aite? i mean, i am the one who decide where i should be and what i should do.hurm.anyway,, ignore it.

since life has been hard on me, on last Wednesday, me and akmal and daim went to Queensbay Mall for FUN~! hahaha.we did nothing there.i mean, we just walked all around and i just bought a perfume.hahaha.okayy, we ate our lunch at Pizza Hut nearby, we chose the latest promotion at Pizza Hut and we went to Qb.sampai2 tros g kat cinema but then all the movies start around 3 something which end around 5 something and i got English’s class at 5pm that day.last last kitorg just solat zohor and jalan2 around 4pm balik usm.hahaha.totally nothing but i guess its kind of therapy when you can finally out of the place.memula uh akmal nk g sg.nibong because he want to go back to Muar during study week but we end up balik usm terus and before i went to SoLLaT, me and akmal went to Pusat Ko-k to ask about the WUS test and the next day i text-ed akmal, he said that he’s taking 10PM’s bus to get back to Muar.

then, on Thursday,, i went to HBP’s School to meet my so-called-abg, Azwan.he’s a HBP (housing, building and planning) student and they’re having some sort of exhibition there.he showed me a large dome where they built it together and we went to studio where he showing off the artworks.i mean, they made some sort of ‘things’ named Intengrasi ke pe ntah (forgot the name), lil dome, masks, sound tool and balls.hahaha.its not really sphere in shape but its look like a ball with pictures on it.anyway,, they’re creative.hehehe.and we had lunch together to end up our meeting that day.

so, study week dah start and here i am updating my blog.hahaha.should start doing something aite? hurm..anyway,, i wanna THANKS ALLAH for giving such pains and heartache and headache and all.syukur alhamdulillah that You chose me to be the one who receive all that.give me more GOD cause I know YOU LOVE ME so so much. ❤

and surely THANKS to AG and NURUL FATIMAH RAZAK, for listening to my cries and calm my heart and giving me lots of advice and asked me to do something else instead of crying and be sure to make myself happy once again.and i wanna say SORRY too because i’m disturbing your time and all.i’m sorry AG cause i know that i shouldn’t bother you much as you have lots of thing to do.you FYP and all.and timah, sorry because i disturb your time to study.sorry and i wish you guys all the best in your final.love you guys so so much ❤

ouh ho…hari tu ade berskype dgn one person nih, dia cakap pasal something and i just told that someone, i dont wanna know sape dia suka watsoever and i’m sort of to think that we should just carry ourselves away from this heart feeling aite? i think we shouldnt think too much about it since we have lots of other things to do such as exammmmmsss, study, testss, quizzess and all that stuff.betul tak? and i do think if i keep it to myself who the person i really want to be my future husband is, i should wait till the right time comes.betol tak? ke lain?

in conclusion, what we need in life is just a little patience. kan?

take care everyone and will write later. 😉

ps : i just sort out that i dont need something serious.it just stupid when you’re so serious.hahaha.joker once said, ‘ WHY SO SERIOUS???”


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