Assalamualaikum wbt

apa kabar semua orang? hehehe 😀 poyo tk tajuk? huhu. okeyy..saya injured! hahaha.tpi tak seriuslah.hehe 😀 injured sikit smpi adelah terkupas kulit sikit.hahahaha.okaayyy.jgn bt orng risau ye fa.kau cume luka sikit sbb goreng makanan.hahahaha.okayy.tk lawak.

so, kl trip was fun.hehe 😀 i got to taste expensive yet satisfying ice cream made by Malay people.we got chances to swim in a pool.and bought more shoes during our stay at Vistana.hahaha.anyway, somebody spoil the mood but then we ignored him so nothing much happen actually 😛

lagi ape ehhh?? few days at home after the kl trip was fine too.my sister and I finished up “PERSONAL TASTE” korean drama.hahaha.anyway, PERSONAL TASTE best!!!! sangat sweet and sebenarnya tkdelah berapa bagus sangat sbb menyokong ideologi bersekedudukan bersama pasangan.ape ape pon, it’s a good drama to watch as we can see how some people traumatize by something as simple as cutting apple.hahaha.okayy.ranting here.ignore me~

pastu my sister and I watched CUCI, Kungfu Cyborg and The Golden Compass.CUCI best.rating 3/5.kungfu cyborg tuh tk tgk smpi hbis tpi K-1 (the cyborg) sangat handsome and kyopta.huhu.pastu The Golden Compass very adventurous.best okeyyy~! because the film used children.hahaha.idk why i fell for some children movies nowadays.

okeyylah.tu je nk cerita.bye~





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