.ready or not.

Assalamualaikum wbt

ready ke tak ehh nk balik da ni?? hurm..rsenya mcm tk ready tpi mse dpt result hari tu berkobar kobar nk memperbaiki result sem 1 yng hampeh ni.aishhh.tetyba je mata ni ade air *kesat dgn lengan baju*

tak pe fa..insyAllah tuhan akan bantu awak (ayat penyedap hati diri sendiri)

so, i’ll be on my way back to Penang bila jam 9.30PM.insyAllah.hopefully, with no delay or anything.ouh..I’ll be back with Fzul.since he’s the only person who wants to go back to Penang with me. (-_-) Ali turn out utk balik from Pontian while Wan xtahulah dia.maybe dia tk balik.hahahhaa.

oh yaa.. i’m done with printing my result utk dihantar ke YPJ (who sponsored my study in USM) and i’m done with daftar kursus but i guess, we (me and my friends) still need to something about our ko-k (now, you sounds like you’re ready fa~)


pray for my safe journey ya.key lah.nk smbg kemas beg.i’ve lot of stuffs to pack~

bye! salam~



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