.here i am.

Assalamualaikum wbt

apa kabar anda semua? well well.smlm bas delay sejam which made me turn out to be bored and tired and we reached Penang around 7AM.

so, fzul havent pay for the ticket.and i will ask him later.

ouhh.i left my box of jewelery 😛 at home.hahahaha.and phone’s charger too.boom.and i left Asyraf’s Hlovate’s Novel ; Pelangi (-_-) byk benda tertinggal and i guess i just need to come back home for this CNY.hahahaha.

oohhh.kiah is planning with us to go Langkawi during our CNY (CNY = our mid sem holidays -_-) but yeah..still in the planning aite so there’s plenty of time to think of it.hahahaha.

tu jela kot.esk da start kelas and we will start clearing all our problems regarding our subjects this sem.aisshh.

newayy, all the best for me tomorrow!

ouh yaa.. probably stay up late because we still need to unpack our stuffs from the store. -_-


salam 😉


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