.heh.what should i.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

sebenanrnya semalam dah type satu paragraph tpi tk jdi nk post sbb blurr tibe2 hahaha taktahu nk type ape selepasnya.

anywayyy, setelah sekian lama menyepikan diri dgn keazaman nk study hard and smart, aku try lerr nk update blog nih sbb tuh setakkk je nk pk nk type.hahaha.aku sihat.well2, biase ah klau selsema sikit sakit kepala skit sakit kaki sikit.hahaha.budak ngade2 mmg tkkn pernah nk sihat bebeno sepanjang masa.

last week, ade quiz KFT which turn out to be quite well.hahahha.myb sbb before that study.now you see fa, if you study then you can answer the quiz quite well.there’s still LOT of stuffs yang aku kne hafal/igt ataupun mengambil langkah mudah mengingati step2 derivation sesuatu formula supaya senang nk guna mase exam pastu kena igtkan diri slalu supaya jangan kalut tengok soalan. (-_-)

KOT minggu lepas okeyy je.hahah.decide utk tanak print slides sbbnya ape dlm slide = dlm buku maha tebal tu.so, kne berkorban tenaga sikit (supaya kurus cpt :P) membawa buku maha tebal tu ke kelas tiap kali ade KOT lecture + KOT tutorial.agak memberangsangkan hasilnya sbb rse cm berbaloi beli buku tu then kita pakai buku tu.hahahaha.slalu buku maha tebal course aku nih guna bila ade assignment je.hahaha.tkde assgment mmg slamat tinggal buku ats rak 😛

last week target utk mengurangkan waktu ber-FB juga berjaya dilaksanakan and evrything when smoothly just the way i like it.tak tahulah kenapa but still have curiosity dalam fikiran ni.kot2 la minggu ni relaks and smooth tgk2 minggu akan dtg ni kabut semacam je.huhu. *dush*dush* ape ni pk bukan2 ni fa?!!!! tak baik!!! kita kena berbaek sangka.ai ai ma’am 😉

what else? ouhhh YKT last week was super duper bored.i guess it was because of the lecturer.she just simply read whats on the slide (usually thats what they do) but then..she even try to sit and stay nothing.hahaha.awkward moments when most of the students keep talking.yeah.usually we’re quiet and listen well 😀 plus, last week’s reading during tutorial was hard and i cant focused since i cant understand what are the students talking about.bad me~ i was supposed to read the readingSSSS for YKT!

hurm…so, someone ask me something serious lately.since i cant do something else, i end up talking to my brother this ‘serious issue’ and he somehow give me quite a new perspective about it.and i end up blurr about the whole thing and that someone just simply dont look so serious about it and i felt that i’m the only person who wants to do it badly.okaayy, its not BADLY the way you might think but it is somehow made me look like a fool -_- okayy.enough there cause i can sense some people can’t understand what i was typing about ;P

anyway, i’ll be back to last week’s fa, the one who cut down time for online and watching dramas 😛 hopefully just because i have my KFT’s first test next Thursday.kyaaaa~~~

ouhh.. i just done watching CINDERELLA MAN (kdrama) featuring Yoona (SNSD) and Ryu Sang Wook (okaayy.whatever his name spell like~ :P) and this drama less kissing scene.hahaha.rsenya sbb Yoona is somehow an idol.and i’m done watching KIMI WO PETTO (jdrama) featuring MATSUMOTO JUN, the one who play main role in HANA YORI DANGO.so, kimi wo petto not really interesting.hahaha.plus it is an old drama.dont watch it babe! waste your time 😛 no-laah.its quite a good drama but dont watch it with people under age.hope you know what i mean 😛

thats all 😉

ouhh.pray for me so that i dont get any mixed emotions ;P

salam 🙂 take care everyone 😛


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