Assalamualaikum wbt

i do get some feeling about this minor subject.hahaha.hari ni agak impressive walaupun sbnrnye bajet2 salin ape ade atas skrin sb Prof Ramli duk dekat then he can see me if i’m doing something else in his class -_- as I was planning to do some revision on KFT sbb esk the damn KFT first test aite.

so, sbnrnye tk impressive sgt pon cumanya i guess i learn something today sbb i can uttered out ‘copyright law’ hahahaha.bila dia tanye pe benda ntah.see, just a moment after the class, i forgot already ;P

okeyy, ape2 jela kan…tpi kena pikir psl “apakah kelemahan media sebagai sfera umum dan bagaimana mengatasi kelemahan ini?” sbbnya Prof Ramli ckp… soalan tersebut mungkin akan keluar exam and he emphasized about this question twice already.so, there’s a huge possibility that this question will come out. 😛

tu jelaaa..ohh.did i tell you that the replaced lecture told us on Monday that Prof Ramli has ability to give F to any of his student if the student is lousy and _________ (insert anything you want on the blank).skrng da gelabah sbb tk bce lagi Reading minggu 10 yang banyak gila tu.

cpt sediakan kamus ;P


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