Assalamualaikum wbt

well.pathetic~ that’s what my life is all about recently.i got no laptop to online or do anything esp assignment which drives me crazy and all.plus, yeah.am not healthy~ i got some foot ache, headache, and some sort of fever that only come during night -_-

anyway, i ended up buying a new laptop.the same brand but different type one~ looks fine~ but who knows what might happen right? hopefully, this new laptop will bring some sunshine or hope to my life~

ouh yaa..i wont register my new laptop for usm wifi untill i finish my assignment.i hope so~ still got a week~ and am still blurr about the assignment and somehow i only how to cry instead of doing something about it.

well, am a mess~

i cried twice on my way to Perangin Mall, where i send Nikky for treatment and the place where I bought Erika.i went alone except on the second day with Wiena Nomi.

thats all.currently using my room mate’s laptop~ thanks kiah ❤

salam 😉


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