.one after the other.

Assalamualaikum wbt

apa kabar kah anda semua, dear readers? huhu.well, am not very healthy anyway tapi still can walk.walaupun sbnrnye bile part2 nk turun tangga uh agak seksa meksa jiwa juaa.dah 2 hri pakai koyok with the hope that the pain will reduce but guess what? its still the same.

huuwaa.so sleepy today.i have like tonnes of stories but since i only can online with my friend’s broadband, i tried to limit myself.online-ing.yeah.i klik new post then turn off the broadband.and only turn it on after i’ve done bebel-ing here 😀

ouhh.my phone broke down. -_-” seriously, it was one after another things and this month, i used like thousands of money~ aishhh.. what a waste~

anyway, i met the same guy again.this guy, Jilal.i met him when i sat outside the library the other day.he asked me, way to go to admin as he wants to ask about PhD course here in USM.and during that, i was waiting for time to pass until 5 PM (to go to rkm).we did talked a lot that day.he asked me, why he must continue his study in USM and whatnot.but we havent asked our names.LOL.and..today, i met him AGAIN.after i send my Eric to shop (sob2) i went back to USM and at the gate, i saw him.and i was like “hi” and asked him if he gets his way to admin last time i told him the way and he said that he should only go to IPS (it was a building next to library which will help postgraduate student :P) i should just asked him to go there right? since that day, he asked way to go to Admin and i told him that la not the way to go to IPS or what-the-name-of-the-building-i-dont-know.so, he was on his way to Sunshine (to shopping and i think that i should ask him to bring me too :P) and again, i told him to take the bus after crossing the road.and we talked a LOT too! and AGAIN.it was fun to talk with him.lalalala.i think he is from Yarmouk. i guess 😛 so, he asked my name in arabic.glad i know what he was asking~ and he was teasing me with his name, he asked ‘what is my name then?’ so..how should i know if he havent told me right? we ended up by he saving my email address and with the hope he will add me on my facebook tonight 😛 ouhh..we talked about his supervisor too.which he told me, the doctors will be here in USM tomorrow or whatnot. i dont really care about it but yeah.it was fun knowing him.hope, we can continue our friendship. (pstt.he’s old.but not so old laaaa.handsome too!)

My parents are not here too~ so its kinda sad ;( anyway, i prayed that they will come back here safely.i miss them.i miss my home too ❤

okey, what else? i’m done with the YKT assignment.yeah.what i wrote is kinda rubbish but who’s care right? lalalalala.anyway, still feel relieved and ouh yaa..my presentation’s group got some problems.so i MAY end up with the other group, doing part of their presentation or doing my own.let see what happens tomorrow.k?

dear friends, do inbox me your phone numbers.since my Eric is in ‘hospital’ and i dont think his memory will be back, do inbox me your phone number please~~~~ i dont save any phone numbers in my simcard ;(

ouh ya..lastly, i read this in my friend’s blog and i guess its interesting~ let just share it.okayy?

Sometimes, the person who tries to keep everyone happy is always the most lonely person, so never leave them alone because they will never say that they need you.

till then, do take care of yourself 😉

salam ❤

ps : exam’s schedule out already! can i go to KL after my minor’s paper?


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