.Nasuha’s birthday.

Assalamualaikum wbt

this post is a special post about a friend of mine, named NASUHA.

nasuha dear,


You’re older now 😛 be a good girl.jgn nakal2 k.

happy enjoying your studies.may all the luck be with you together with all the god’s blessing ❤

do come to USM after your final k.i’ll wait for you!!!

plus, I miss you dear!!!!

thanks for being my friend.saya sayang awak.nanti kalau2 dah ade calon suami, kabo la ye.bleh citer2 (pillow talk ke pijama party ke)

huhu.i know its kinda late but who’s care? i dont care 😛 happy 20th birthday, AGAIN!


she’s a good friend of me.you can search more about her in my blog.i wrote a lot about her 😛


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