.Eric is back!!!.

Assalamualaikum wbt

so, i need to edit my slides for YKT presentation this wednesday.and i still have like 2 assignments haven’t touched. 😛 okey.i touched the paper because i want to copy the questions.and i have like 1 online assignment and i havent read anything about the topic : chapeter 5 & 6 of Organic Chemistry ;P

anywayyyyyy, my ERIC is back!!! i have to pay like RM35 for his medicine 😛 well, the doctor is quite lousy.it takes a week to repair my ERIC.oh my poor baby ERIC~ whatever the things is, I’m happy that my poor baby ERIC is back even all the phone numbers are gone~ TT_TT

okeylah.got to go.will write more later :DDD


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