.today was such a beautiful day.

Assalamualaikum wbt

sebenarnya tajuk post hari ni inspirasi dari lagu Big Bang terbaru ^^, Tonight.dlm tuh ade lirik, “tonight was such a beautiful night” tapi disebabkan sekrang masih lagi siang walaupun Encik Matahari tidak muncul muncul di dada langit disebabkan Encik Awan yang baik hati sbb menurunkan hujan di bumi Penang (ohh no.radiasi dr Jepun :P)

phewwww..memula nk say thanks to Ajeez Ali merangkap ketua prak F28 yang telah membantu saya menghadapi saat2 kejatuhan.hahaha.but then, sorry bro.havent got time to see any counselor yet.nanti2 eh 😀 anyway, sangat sangat thanks pada kau.aslnya nk bt special entry pasal Ajeez ni tapi tak jadi.agagaga 😀 sbb tkmo dia riak 😛 lalalala.neway, thanks sgt2.k~ hope to see you again.eventho hanya pakai sms and skype (dah lame tk skype – tetybe) you still able to help me, your friend.hehe 😀 am one of your new friend in KMJ rite? okayy.whatever fa 😛

secondly, thanks to group members of A10.daebak! ive done my presentation.ckp tadi mmg terabur lah.victor siap remind waktu lagi.agagaga.byk je gua skip2 pdhal kt kertas tu da scribble mcm2 dah.agagaga 😀 then i do think that my reading wasnt actually that important berbanding others.i should talk less -_-” overall, this group of A10 got A- for presentation. thanks korang. huhu. i was worried actually because first of all, i dont have any group.i was supposed to be in C10 tpi disbbkan two of the members extend the semester, i was left alone.thanks to them (A10) i was able to have a group -_- sedihkan cerita aku? huhu.

Fauzan got his SPM’s result already.he got B for his MPV subject.congrats!!! do cook more after this okey? the rest was okeylaaaaah.he passed all the subjects as hope.hehehe 😀 hopefully, he’ll get anywhere to continue his further study.gila positive gua skarang, jadi akak yang baik la tetybe.hahahaha. (muntah skrng!)

pape pon, jangan lupe tadi tak dpt jawap soalan kuiz KFT.hahahaha.gelak2 la lagi fa wehh.exam tinggal beberapa hari je.bak kate omputih, just around the corner babeh.huhu.leklu leklu. tapi tadi mmg guwa agak blur la tgk soalan tu wlupun ade formula bagai.huwaaa..sedih eden tpi tkpe, today was such a beautiful day 🙂 senyum lebar lebar kasi sampai telinga ye 😀

semalam, had a talk with this one person.this person somehow able to keep my heart 😛 *hint* no hint la.sbnrnye nk bgtahu yang after the talk, i really wished that i could turn back the time.hahaha.tak pasal2 je kne bebel dgn dia.pheww -_- and this person, huwaa.. should i like this one person because who this person are or because who this person resemble someone so much? okey.forget it.dont want any serious talk here 😀

ohh.remember this guy, Jalal in this post.okeyy.i misheard his name, his name wasnt Jilal but Jalal Hanayshi.such a beautiful name anyway.he submitted the topic to one of the supervisor and got rejected.poor him and just now, i read on his wall on fb.he said that his lecturer is inviting him to Europe.and it was such a good opportunity to him right? lets pray he can go there 😀 i posted to his status that if he is really going to Europe for his PhD, i will come and visit him.

pheww..so many things to do before I die.i want this, i want that.wae the good mood is overflowing today? aigoo..

oh ohhh.another thing, my parents are coming back todayyyy~ but they will only arrive tomorrow. *happy* jumping* dies* hahahahaha.hopefully everything went well 😀 even my aunts and uncles start talking about our family blablabla *ignore this*

okeylahh.should stop now.got to prepare for halaqah tonight.huuu.i wished halaqah is postpone again and just do it on the weekend. 😛 (this is my ‘evil’ side – dont follow).

ouhh…great escape~! (will talk about it if i manage to do it :P)

thats all.take care everyone 😛

let’s end this with this picture.

me and my roomate during Chemistry Night 😛

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