Assalamualaikum wbt

as promised before, here i am after my 2nd paper.overall for titas and ykt was so-so, i was not hoping to get an A but at least, i shouldn’t repeat the paper.oh god, please.

other than that, these people (my cubemates) they’ve been taking MAA161 this semester and after the exam, they totally upset because the questions are fucking hard.i mean, they confused and all ;/ but then, they already passed out the notes to the next people (me and others) who still thinking when we should take the subject.hahahaha.

yesterday, saddam was very kesian with me so he end up eating his lunch with me.i never asked him to do that.so, to make the more the merrier, i texted paeh and asked him to go to cafe.so we end up chatting and all and that’s it.hahahaha.

and today, Asyraaf Azhari came to my hostel due to his novel.i mean, i borrowed his Pelangi’s novel since last year or early this year (forgot when) and now only i returned it back.hahahha.he somehow blurr about the hostel eventho his parents used to be USM students.so we talked like there’s no tomorrow.but yeah..i hope there’s tomorrow. and he excuses himself.

he texted me on the way back by sending “second time..ouch” and to your information, he fell from his bike again -_-” yeah..he told me he met an accident last monday and today, he fell from his bike.Asyraaf, i guess you dont know how to balance yourself on the bike 😛 anyway, thanks god nothing serious.and he arrived home safely, Bukit Mertajam tu yo~ jauh~ hahahhaa.

what else? now, need to focus on Biodiversity, Organic chem and Physical Chem.pheww…three subjects which requires a lot of reading like tonnes of reading.be ready fa even you might attracted to all those people who gonna go to KL International Book Fair yang start this Friday.ohh God, how i wish i can go~

Asyraaf suggested that i should go to the book fair and went back to Penang on the same day.i do think i can do that but i guess later on the bus, i’ll faint due to tiredness and lost somewhere in Malaysia alone.ALONE.It might a different story if i am a boy which barely most people will have something on mind like, “takpe..lelaki..” huwaaaaaaaaa..how i wish i can go~ i mean like, i have some title of the books in my mind but i guess i need to forget it and focus on my exam~ T_T

oh ya..my YDP for Restu and MPP for Chemistry School have been posting all over facebook about kes kecurian.lately, there’s a lot of kecurian happened in our USM.USM is not safe anymore.OHHHHHH NOOOOO!!!! But hey, for safety,

  1. do save Jabatan Keselamatan’s phone number in your phone
  2. lock your door
  3. keep your belonging safe
  4. lock your windows too -_-“

hopefully, nothing bad gonna happen to me or my friends until the end of the examination weeks.

to those people yang suka curi- curi tu, korang dah takde kerja ke nk panjat panjat, masuk bilik orang? klau jatuh dari panjat panjat tu, sia-sia je mati tau! cmne nk jawap?! aishhh..bertaubatlah

sekian dari saya~

salam 😉


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