.bumble bee.

Assalamualaikum wbt

apekah perkabarannya semua orang? well, am not very healthy.i got so issues with my leg -_-” the other day, i had a super hard time waking up from bad due to the issues.

anyway… today, nk story mory pasal bumble bee with no pictures 😛 so, yesterday me and khalid (read : khalidah) went to this so-called cafe named Bumble bee.okay..its not bumble bee the car in the transformer or what.its a cafe.no actual reason to go there just so suddenly wanna had some western food.LOL.

then, khalid orderd fish and spaghetti while i ordered spaghetti bolognese.and guess what? we’re full eventho the food still on the plate -_-” kenyang gila and the portion was like for two people.aigo…khalid ordered fries for appetizer and i guess that thing also contribute to our stomach being full with foods -_-” tapi dont worry, we managed to shove everything to our mouths.hahahahahhaha.

okayy..the cafe was placed beside Istimewa (mamak’s stall Paeh and the gang used to go to watch football and stuffs) and the price was affordable.but then,, the cafe is very small.huhu.kalau nak datang ramai ramai its kinda inconvenient laaah.tpi utk people yang suka gila cupcakes and cakes bolehlah datang jugak ke cafe ni.selain depa jual western, depa ade jugak jual cupcakes2 ni tpi klau nk tempah2 tu mahal bhai.murah lagi hang beli kt internet.hahahaha.

so overall, it was okay.kenyang punye pasal semua okay.hahahahaha.

ohh ya..last Sunday, berita harian made kpop fans upset.esp kpop fans in Malaysia and am upset too.eventho i didnt get the chance to read the real article but we (kpop fans) believe each other so i only got a chance to read the translated one and i believed it.and….yeah…i guess the whole world know about this already -_- a big BOO towards local newspaper.no research and stuffs and suddenly attacked kpop fans.BOO!!! boo sama dia, BOO! boo skali lagi, BOO!!!!

in case you wanna know, i’ve stop reading local newspaper after they drew ultraman running away from tsunami, and creating news about pornstar of japan success in running away from the tsunami.what the fuuuuu is that?! so, goodbye to local newspaper.hahahahaha.we can still know about other news thru blog or whatsoever ;P we dont need local newspaper anymoreeeeeeeeee ;P

aihhh..mmg gua hanginla bace article tu lagi satu,, nk kutuk ke ape ke make sure tahu laaaaaaaaaaaah.klau taknk kutuk pon at least you should know who is who and 2PM is totally not Super Junior.mmg lawak antarabangsa je local newspaper ni.buat malu aiii jep.

nanti2 aku gtau ape y depa duk tak puas hati sangat dengan kpop k smpi kuar article cmtu.aih..hangin aku!!!

salam 😉

ps: seb baek ade exam, klau tak, pepaham sendri ah.


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2 thoughts on “.bumble bee.”

  1. what the fuuuuuuuu is that???

    ‘Korean artists are synonym with suicidal cases’

    atleastttttt nickhun and kibum tak mati ponn… lagi~
    sengallllll… warghhhhhhh fitnah berat nehhhhhhh >.<

    tengs sbb inform.. boikot sungguh BH neh~ stupid article!

  2. mmg what the fuuuuuuuu kan?!!!

    mengarot gila~ pdahal klau nk tgk,, y commit suicide kt negara kita not because of kpop -_-” celah mane yang kpop involved skali tu?!

    if la iman tu ade there’s no way akan commit suicide pe sme.ngokngeksla the writer

    boikot sme nas.hahahhaha.bace ape educated people tulis thru blog is a WAYYYYYY BETTER than reading stupid articles in local newspaper.

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