.kepada seorang kawan.

Assalamualaikum wbt

post entry kali ni ditujukan kepada seorang kawan yang bernama, Asyraaf Azahari.aku kenal beliau ni masa kat republic of 1991.i mean, i know him from there.we first met at ERAT 2009 at UIA.tu pon sebab aku ajak and well, dia pegi together with his cousin. our second meet up was at jetty as i asked him to buy me Penang- KL train’s tickets for me and my roomate.i already wrote the event in this blog.go find it.syuhhh..

and recently, i wrote about his condition, what i mean is,, our third meeting where he came to take his novel and we had a chit chat and his got himself in an accident on his way back to Bukit Mertajam.

and…here am i, to say sorry towards you, ASYRAAF AZAHARI if you feel offended with my entry about you having an accident and what not.its not my intention to write something /to pray that you got into the situation and am really sorry. and am here to remind you, please stop calling me, makcik.am not your aunty or what 😛


that’s all.thanks Asyraaf sebab tegur aku selalu kutuk kau walaupun sebenarnya tak kutuk pon, (yea..yea..pasal twitter tu).

anyway, we should always get the full story before attacking people right?



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