#Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group

hi everyone 😉

so, today I’ll start 30 Days Kpop Challenge which I took from my friend, Natasha. i mean, i saw she did this in her blog and since am bored too, i’ve decided to do it too.okay? haha.

hurm..let’s start it! my favourite k-pop guy group will be BEAST/B2ST.

Shock era

there is Doojoon as a leader, Yoseob as main vocal, Gikwang as main dancer, Junhyung as rapper, Hyunseung as vocal, dancer and lastly, Dongwoon as maknae.well, Dongwoon is in the same age with me.

I dont really remember when i start to favor them but i think it was during their mastermind era? huuu..and i bought their asia version of Lights Go On Again and recently, i bought their first full album, Fact and Fiction.

i registered their international fan forum (not their fancafe or whatnot) and it was the first forum i joined and i started using twitter because of them too.haha.i mean, BEAST is actually having a big influence in my life nowadays -,-

I favored them because of their music and their looks and because of their members is actually have a very distinctive character.i mean, each of them.i watched their reality tv show, idol maid and i keep falling in love with their beings.i just love them 😛

hurm..can i write about other group? i mean, before i started favoring BEAST, i used to favor SHINee.but hey, it doesnt mean i dont favor SHINee anymore.i do love both groups and SHINee is the second group that i bought their album.i mean, buying the albums mean something to me 😀 and SHINee is the group that i first knew when i started favoring kpop world and i remember their members names first in the kpop world.okayy.i think i write too much 😛


Hello Hello

I can favor both group right? haha.even if you say no, i will still favor both 😛 oh ya..in SHINee, there is Onew as leader, Junghyun as vocal, Minho as rapper, Key as vocal, dance and Maknae Taemin 😉


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