#Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group

Annyeong everyone.

well, today, I’ll talk about my favourite kpop girl group.

hurm…which group should talk about?? i dont really have one group focused.haha.i like every girl groups in kpop world.can I? okay, let get serious in this.hurm… i used to listen to KARA.you know KARA? and..i favored KARA because there is Nicole.i found Nicole so cute and she’s different in a way that only i understand (?_?)

Kara : LUPIN

I like their songs like MISTER, JUMPING and LUPIN for sure.haha.that’s it.i only knew that songs -.-”

i mean, for this one tbh..i dont really have a group which i favored like guy group. i listen to almost every girl group songs but not all their songs.i listen to 4MINUTE, SNSD, MISS A, 2NE1, T-ARA.and and… f(x) and..i only watch few of their variety shows (if there’s any like… T-ARA’s Hello Baby : not all episodes -,- , 4MINUTE’s Mr.Teacher and…i think that’s all 😛 )

and tbh…i have some problem with this topic because i cant remember each of their names and the only group which i knew all their members name is f (x) and i found f(x) songs quite interesting and i love their MVs 🙂

should stop writing now because i feel like i write nonsense so as conclusion, i favor all girl groups in kpop world.hahaha.and and…i like APINK’s style.they looks cute and sweet 😀

oh ya…i favored 4MINUTE recently.i love their new songs, HEART TO HEART , MIRROR MIRROR.okay.really need to stop now -,-


ps: maybe i will edit this later (when i really favored one girl group 😛 )


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