#Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling

Annyeong everyone..

since today already a new date so i decide to post Day17’s entry eventho its only 12 am in the morning ^^,

so… a kpop idol i wish was my older sibling is RYEWOOK~ from SUPER JUNIOR ^^,

i want him to be my older brother because he’s cute and in SUJU,he’s my bias forever and the best thing about him..he loves cooking.if he become my oppa, surely i will not starve and i will ask him to cook for me and he really take care of others meals.suju members always said that my oppa loves to cook and will ask them to eat.huwaa..so touched ❤ he loves to take care of others too~

Ryeowook oppa, please be my brother~


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