.a seriously long entry.

Assalamualaikum wbt

It has been such a long time since I publish or should I say writes something in this abandoned blog?? Hahaha. Anyway, this post will be like the longest post I ever write or maybe the shortest (way impossible) or maybe it just a post full of my whines and anger and sadness about my sickness.

Finally I got my permission from my university about my sickness. Yeah. They finally gave me the damn holidays I’ve been waiting for (actually, I never want this holiday. hahaha. okay, fa will become a Pinocchio later on). Wiena called me a week about after my MC was over and told me that this ‘good’ teacher of mine ( I should have drop English paper this semester anyway when I knew that I can’t get back to USM by the time) and…yeah…this teacher was asking Wiena to tell me that she’s sending a warning letter to me because I wasn’t there for classes and until now, the letter hasn’t reach my home. Okay, maybe healthy campus wasn’t updating my new address? Who knows right? Anyway, care less now that I’ve got the permission letter. HAHAHAHA.

Early Oct, I went to Puteri for like the last time because this ‘good’ relative of mine was setting a new appointment with Rheumatologist here in Hospital Sultan Ismail like 2 weeks after the last appointment with Dr Hasnahbi. Then, I went to see the Rheumatologist in HSI. She turned out to be a nice doctor, a Chinese young woman and she really asked me a lot of questions and she checked out my whole body.  The next thing I have to do after my first appointment in HSI were doing some blood tests (the blood didn’t want to come out so the nurse was like pushing the needle inside and I almost shed my tears – sakit okayyy and the nurse was like.. ‘ehh..kenapa tak keluar??’ then she was goyang2kan needle tu.mmg sabor jela aku annn) and…some xray. Or should I said, XRAYS? Hahaha. Memula tu kena diri (well..last year I did it in USM – Xray for chest) then after the chest, I were asked to lay down. They arranged my hands whatsoever then I were asked to sit, they arranged my legs and lastly they asked me to sit on the chair to Xray my fingers. The officers in charge were like, ‘jatuh ke? Banyak nak xray ni’. And the next appointment with Rheumatologist will be on 15th Nov and…it was written ‘ambil darah’. So, I have like to be ready again (who knows if the nurse might do the same, again?)

Ouhh ya…this new doctor in my life gave me the same exact medicine except that she explained what the use of those medicines. And… at that time only I knew that I had to consume cancer medicine since this Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis don’t have any exact medicine. And…jeng jeng jeng..the name for this cancer medicine is METHOTREXATE. Okay, I can’t get married because of that. She said if I am planning to get marry any time soon, I have to stop consuming the medicine like 4 to 6 months. Er… actually, that Methotrexate will affect the reproductive system I guess and that’s why I can’t get married. It’s okay since I don’t have anyone to be married with, anytime soon. 😛

The next day after the appointment, I went out with a really good friend of mine, Nurulfateemah Razak. She was having her semester break. We went out to Jusco and wandered around before going back to my house and.. The next week after our date (yeah.. it was a date since there’s only two of us – get jealous Hadi ; her youngest brother), I went to her house to bake some cakes. She was planning to bake chocolate cake but then…when she knew that I love marble cake, we changed our plan. So, we baked marble cakes. Yeah. One for her and another one for me. It was good. 😛 (sila angkut bakul sendiri) and she sent me home after magrib.

On the 23rd, we went to Jusco and had a dine –in in Kenny Rogers because that day was like my mum 50th Birthday. Me and my sister bought her some masks from Etude house (sandara park and SHINee were their ambassador). Ouh ya… the day before, we went to Gelang Patah to have our lunch. They sell nice and cheap asam pedas. Memang kawwww~ happy 50th Mum. hope she can be a good head mistress next year 😛 and ayah bought ummi a Samsung Galaxy Tab and usually we are the one who used it since ummi have a broadband already.

Lastly, on 30th, my cousin got married with her choice. I helped her with the gifts for the guests. But then,, on that day, am having a stomach – ache like really seriously plus I wasn’t really healthy so we (me, mum and sis) end up going back to JB early. Congrats kak zura and her husband, abg zarid. Sorry for not being any help on the day 😛 oh ya,,, all of them were on holiday the next day.

adik’s result is coming out soon and she was like giving up hope of getting straight A’s for her UPSR. we really dont mind what she will get for the result but i think she will be quiet sad because she asked pak long to give her DSLR if she got straight A’s. anyway, good luck to my sister, my cousins too!

and…like seriously last,


ohhh yaaa… dear LJ, i wasnt mean to be sombong with you it just that i dont have a chance to properly online or chat or anything (more likely to waste my time 😛 ) and.. and… i’ve decided~ thanks awak for being there before saya sakit 😉 and and… sekrang ni tengah ade The Sultan of Johor Cup 2011 (hockey tournament) and..i really wish that i can go but…with my condition, ALL THE BEST TEAM MALAYSIA!!!!

ohhh oh… MAMA 2011 akan diadakan di Singapore lepas tu.. TV8 ade collab so 29.11.2011 boleh tengok kt tv8.diorg ckp pkul 5ptg da start tpi klau tk dpt channel Msia, channel Spore pon cun saja. pastu pastu nanti ade Mnet concert -,- ade suju, f(x), Miss A, B1A4. semua tu best. ngee ;D tu jela kot 😛 tak sedar diri betol diri tu dah sakit.

okeylah..dah panjang panjang sangat ni takde orang nak baca pulak.hahahaha.take care semuaaaaa 😉

LOL (lots of love)


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