.final exam.

Assalamualaikum wbt

apa kabar semua?? huu… \(^^)/ dah nak final exam. yeay… still mood nak study tak berapa nak ada 😛 ngeh3…first of all sebabnya.. kredit hour cam tak cukup je 70 untuk buat latihan industri next year. hoorraaayyyy… extend lagi setahun. ngahahahhaa… ok..sebenarnya tak sure pon cukup ke tak sebab tak tanye lagi kat pejabat. if consider yang credit hour exchange tu kire cukup utk LI tpi klau x consider,,nan hado wei nak LI.

anyway,, i will be off from the exam after 8hb Januari. tak sabarrrr ;D sebab kinda have a big plan to pump in money into my wallet. tapi tengoklah camna kan?? moga diberi yang terbaik oleh Allah SWT.

lastly,,, i think i survived 2013. a very well done job despite all the saying.. hahaha.. just ignore them and have fun?? well.. not really but i guess i have found my pace in my life nowadays that i need to mention that i survive 2013? hahahaha. maybe 2014 will bring more good news (macam aku dipinang orang contohnya despite that one lousy man who keep saying nobody will marry me :p booooo) which i hope will make me more positive towards life. (yeah..am still not that positive after what had happened to me before). so,, yeah… i think i survived 2013 very well.

oh yaa…i have been listening to EXO recently, their Christmas album is so good. yeah..especially Miracles in December. have a try… their previous full album also good. didnt manage to get one but will get one soon (when there’s money, there’s talk 😛 get what i mean?). i recommended you guys to listen to Heart Attack, Dont Go, Growl is not bad too! i love it. and..my bias in the group are D.O (he’s cute) and Lay (he got dimple..so cute too!)

this is seriously last,, have faith and happy new year!!! till then, take care.

ps: my friend, Shuhada got into accident. she broke her wrist if am not mistaken, lets all pray so that she will get well soon (she’s one of the FAIRY BOYS and she helped me a lot like REALLY A LOT!)

pps: i will write about my BANDUNG TRIP after my final exam. wait for it 😛 (like nobody cares~)


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