.half way thru.

assalamualaikum wbt

hello and hi everyone. its me! farhah. i knew i have been on hiatus (cewahhh) for a longgggggg time but believe me am still remember this blog (uhuks uhuks). anyway,,, i am left with another a month plus half a month before i finish my degree life. it was so tough that i nearly give up. ohh god.. the temptation to delay my fyp is so big but i figure it out that i should really keep my work done. okay, apa aku membebel ni.

apa2 pon, i will be free sebelum june ends. ohhh tak sabarnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. hopefully i pass thru this period successfully. my 1st paper is on 5th june and last paper is on 9th june and my good friend from matriculation get married on 4th june and i wanna go but i will be very busy on that week with my final year project presentation i wanna cryyyyyyy so bad.

by the wayyyy, my favorite kpop group is coming back this may!!!! yeah… the mv teaser is so lit i nearly died. hahahaha. so exaggerating here’s the proof. i hope everyone watch it fall in love with them like they are so good you are missing something in your life if you dont stan them 😛

last but not least, please pray for my safety and my final year project. thank you! and enjoyyyyyy~~~


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