.rijal’s wedding.

Assalamualaikum wbt

How are youuuu? Well, lets start August post with something merry? Ahahaha… so based on the title, I will talk / write about my classmate’s wedding lol. Apparently i have a weird number of classmates for my degree life but yeah… mostly with SSCA 2015? So Rijal is kinda my class representative during that time. He’s now pursuing master in engineering if i’m not mistaken and he’s the first male classmate that got married. Here’s some photos 

I came with my mum and met my friends there. (Me,shikin, timah, mekzu, piqa and leya)

We kinda wait for others to come and by the time we finish the meal, other classmates arrived and we went to Pelamin to take photos. Rijal be like, nanti jangan lupa ambil gambar tau. He like remind us more than once. LOL.

Ohh yeah we also witnessed spooning cake? Session? Ahaha.. they’re so cuteeeee! 

So sweeeeeet 😍😍😍
So cute right?
Look at Rijal being shy shy cat
Then we went to pelamin? To take more photossss

Apparently Rijal wanted to hold the present haha

I thinks that all? Haha i wished Rijal a blessing marriage ahead. Be patience. ALWAYS. haha. Its not like he read my blog anyway. I think i look super awkward lol. 

Till then. I might write about our raya trip next. MAYBEEEEE. 

Take care everyone!


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