.in loving memories.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hari ni marked atok telah seminggu pergi meninggalkan kita semua. Hm… he went back on 28th sept 2016 11.35pm. Thank god we (me adik2 parents) managed to see him in his death bed. 

Earlier that night, my uncles (both pak uda and pak ngah) brought him to clinic because he said his dada sakit. He used to be a smoker so during that time, he already stop smoking for 4 days. Maybe his body got shocked or something. Then both my brothers sat beside him. Talked to him. Recites doa and surahs for him.

We (me, ojan and adik) decided to go back home first as it already 11pm (because adik still going to school) but then the moment we arrived, mum called and told us atok passed away. So I packed some clothes for mum (because i thought she wants to stay) for ojan to bring. 

The next morning, we settled everything around 11AM something and solat jenazah was done at atok’s house. Atok was buried at tanah perkuburan kebun teh.

I don’t really feel sad about this (?) idk why but i think it was because of atok went with such a good situation(?) idek how to explain it. Hehe. Of course i love my atok ❤❤❤

Till we meet again atok. Al fatihah.

This happen to be my last photo with him

In loving memories, Haji Jaafar B Mohamad (1925-2016)



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