.before oct ends.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Well, pagi tadi dah post kan. Ni nak post lagi sekali. I dont know why my October this year like this. lol. Hopefully, ade lah hikmah disebalik semua kejadian.

For those who followed me at twitter and facebook, knew already la this story. Yesterday, my fave little brother in the world, jatuh basikal and broke his shoulder. Dia main basikal from somewhere near our place to Pontian and back and jatuh near Pekan Nenas (i dont know the exact place la some said near the traffic light) and today, he went thru operation to fix his shoulder. His basikal geng sent him to Columbia Hospital near our place and thank God la sb he still have insurance covered.hahaha xde kaitan.

After the surgery he kept vomitting i dont know if he can eat now because when i visited him, he still vomitting. Poor my baby brother. Hope he get well soon. Thanks for the du’a everyone! Maklang and makbusu came to visit him and when maklang asked him if he wants to cycle again, he just nodded and everyone like “whoaaaa” and maklang goes “tak serik mil” he shook his head. Thats my bro! /bro fist/

Aku suruh buat peace boleh buat kira settle lah

Anyway, i will start next month (lol november) post with my graduation day appreciation post. Please anticipate? Hahahaha. If you want la if you dont want than nothing much i can do la kan. Till then, take care people!

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