.Sarah kawin.

Assalamualaikum wbt

finally some good news to tell. last 22th october, a good friend of mine from high school got married. Well, it was a friend from my last high school. At first, we wanted to come during the reception but then, my lil bro and sis were not at home during that time so mum asked me if we can come during the nikah. I asked sarah and she said okay.

So we went around 930AM and met Wanie, Sarah’s best friend. And witnessed the nikah process (?) mum cried seeing sarah being hitched i dont know why maybe she felt like sarah is her daughter. Well apparently, my classmates are all my mum sons and daughters and they called my mum, ummi too. And bapak sarah yang nikahkan. I wish i will be that lucky.

Sarah is so beautiful on that day i wanted to cry too. Hehe ;D #sarahabqoriwedding i took videos and photos buttttt i look ugly so I’m just gonna upload the one from the whatsapp group. HAHAHAHAHA

The only decent picture of me with the pengantin 👆👆👆 and… this is like the 3rd friend weddings i went this year(?) because usually i didnt go to any of my friend wedding because of my conditions.

I wish the best for Sarah and Abqori for their marriage. Hopefully till Jannah. BARAKAH WA RAHMAH 💑💑💑

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