.eid 2018.

Assalamualaikum wbt

dropping by just to wish everyone




nothing much this year. same similar just like few years back since both sides grandparents are no longer here. cooked ketupat, sambal goreng and rendang daging. 1st raya just stayed at home. its on friday and later that evening, dad’s brother came with his wife’s families. ahh we went to paklong’s house after Zohor. 2nd raya also stayed at home. hosting raya  gathering for mum’s side but nobody staying for sleep over.

3rd raya we went to pontian. visited 2 houses then went to pak uteh’s at kulai. 4th raya and the rest till this week just stayed at home. boring 😛 but whatever. Raya no longer fun anyways.

ohh yeahh, my best friend got married yesterday! congratulations Nurul Fateemah and husband. woot woot. she’s so beautiful. will upload photos later. we became friend when i was at SETA,  secondary 4, because both of our mum are chemistry’s teacher. ohhh yeahhh, Nurul came with her siblings during Raya 2 and got to eat Soto and begedil made by yours truly. hahaha. this year raya menu other than sambal goreng and ketupat is SOTO instead of our usual, Laksa Johor. i’m not sure if there will be time where we will cook Laksa Johor for this year raya. hopefully not because laksa johor is wayyy harder to prepare compared to soto.

ohh i went to my primary classmate’s wedding too! Afiq and his wife. congratulations. lol. i thought he’s not in the group chat so i’m just like,, “guys, today’s afiq’s wedding. anyone free just come lah here *insert location”. few hours later Afiq replied asking why i dont call him [my brother took his photos so i sent it to the gc hahaha] ahhh i went to his’s wedding because my mum and his mum is colleague at English Collage previously.

i think thats all for my raya story. nothing interesting right ahaha

till then,


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