.new trainer.

Assalamualaikum wbt

wow hahahaha last post was in July for my birthday and today is 28 November. wow wth.. what have i done for the passed few months? well,, lets begin (BGM : BEGIN – JUNGKOOK OF BTS)

firstly, i just stopped my physical physiotherapy at Permas Jaya and thankfully, my mom found me another trainer (?) well she’s a coach,, she trained people for swimming, exercise etc etc so, yeahh,, this week marks my 4th hydrotherapy session. oh yeahh~~~ which mean i’m back in a pool. well, mom stopped previous therapy because they only massaged me when the first plan is to do hydrotherapy. overall, i’m happy with new session new coach new swimming suit new pool (its humongous guys!!! i will upload photos later)

ahh whats else? i think thats the only major event in my life. hahahhaha what a boring life i have. ohh yeah,, i’m going to LOVE YOURSELF CONCERT in SINGAPORE next year!!!!!! with kak myra, diba, le brat and yusra! okayy, ticketing experience!!! diba came to my house to pick me up because we kinda plan to go to cybercafe (for faster internet blablabla), turned out,, the ticketing system used ip address system which mean, if you log in, they tracked down your ip address and queue you. so, i logged in earlier than the ticketing site opening so i’m in queue like FOREVERRRRR!!!! LITERALLY FOREVER!!!!

thank god i saw Reez helping some of my mutuals getting their tickets so i dm-ed Reez and he helped me T_T thank you so much Reez ❤ also thank god i discussed with kak Myra which section we should buy @ go and ohh at the first diba dont want to go la because the section left was not her option but then when Reez asked again she decided to just go with me and kak myra’s choice. ahh le brat z bought hers from reseller but for affordable price i think (idk how much)

so yeahhh see you soon boys!!!! also that will be first travel i will do next year woot woot 19 january 2019

so many good things in the future!

till then,


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