.42 years.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Happy belated birthday!!!

13 Mei 1978
Lahirnya Forever Living..

1978 – 2020
42 tahun sudah..
Sudah berada di 168 buah negara..
Top No. 1 sale Forever adalah negara Jepun..
Jepun negara paling strict kemasukan apa apa produk kesihatan..
Selama 42 tahun sudah ramai Jutawan lahir di dunia..

Bangga menjadi salah seorang dalam family Forever Living 😍


I AM Farhah

.27 and counting.

Assalamualaikum wbt

hello people. long time no see *again* anyway,, i want to share what i did during my birthday this year. well, as you all know [please pretend you even when you dont], i’m usually dont join big event especially if the event is outside johor. thank god, last weekend was a special one.

I went for an event by @btsforcharity. they organised an event at  ARTCUBE GALLERY, KUALA LUMPUR last weekend, #LUSTRUMSCENE. its an account for bts fans but they’re more on doing charity event and stuffs. long story short, yupp this event.

so, the journey started after subuh. we [me and bro] dropped my mum at AYER KEROH, MELAKA. Then moved to KL. I arrived there around 10.50-ish. Yuna picked me up. then we lepak2 at McD. Met Jia and B, superfun! I met Jia before at Shah Alam. Met Angel too! Met KakSeul, Bee~ ahhh I met Nicola there!!!! she came down to say hi. anddd I met Ainur, she brought me cake! met another Jia with her sister.

they sang me birthday song at McD lol it was embarrassing but fun hahaha because suddenly there’s an aunt who came to our table and asked which one of you celebrate their birthday then she said one of her son is having a birthday too and we end up singing birthday song to him too. cute >,<

then i think around 12 something only we went to see the exhibition hahaha and of course meeting with lots of other ARMYs too! let me try to list it down. hahaha. I met Feefa, Abby, Z le brat, Kina, Anyara, Beth!!!!,  kak tea, wonnie, iffah, Adel, Mimi. Yun and Angel are the one who push me around. i met kak Manja too!!! wish can stay longer to talk to her.

I’m like super thankful to all of them because they seriously so much fun!!! we talked, gossiped, and took lots of photos but of course not in my phone. I received  another 2 cakes ; 1 from kak seul and another 1 from beth and angel. they’re such a sweetheart. so in total 3 cakes.

ahh Z ended up going back with me because hahahahahaha she can 😛 after the event we met adik at cyberjaya, gave her nectar and amil gave her some money lewls arrived home by 11 pm and caught up with some issues on my account but worry not, i’m totally fine with it hahaha so thankful for ‘mute’ function in twitter.

oh yaaa, before i end this post, i actually wanna say THOUSANDS OF THANKS to my buddies [YUN, ANGEL, JIA, BETH] for entertaining me there, pushed me around the checkpoints in the exhibition, to KakSeul and Ainur for giving me cakes for my birthday [Angel and Beth too!] and to KakSeul for taking lots of photos for me.

this is like my first time joining an event in a fandom and its on my birthday and seriously so thankful to all of them. may god repay you guys good things! its like meeting friends who knew you in real life when you actually knew them from internet. first time is like thousands time already because never feel any gap in the friendship. i might end up crying lol i reallly3x love them so much oh god please get them under your protection!

lastly, thank you for all the birthday wishes [hi AG! love you! <3] from my friends and followers in my fan account and yeahh basically everyone who wishes me. may good things happen to you too! enjoy the pictures.

from AINUR



ps: thank god not so many people in the foodcourt. its hahahaha…. but thanks guys. i really3 love you guys. i had so much fun on my birthday this year! i might missed some names so, sorry!

.새해 복 많이 받으세요~.

Hi everyone

I hope its not to late to wish every one who still read this blog, a very


새해 복 많이 받으세요~

may all your goals are achieve by the end of the year. lol. Hopefully. Anyway, here I am to share my goals. (Namjoon said its okay if you don’t achieve your goals, at least you have it XD)

  1. to be healthy – this one is ongoing process like finally after WAITING FOR 3 YEARS, i managed to go to physiotherapy. Just wait for 30 sessions and I hope am able to walk normally again and yes its only 30 sessions and you don’t have to wait for 3 years for that
  2. Get a job/satisfying salary/money – i have education loan to pay. Damn! ;(
  3. Meet 방탄
  4. Learn hangul and arab? Most probably hangul first 😛
  5. Try vlog – I always wanna try vlogging yeahhh I did record few videos but haven’t managed to edit it YET! hopefully soon
  6. More reading – I should read more. I have like hundreds books from bbw last time that i haven’t read. LoL.
  7. Selling some k stuffs – am gonna focus on one group only i hope
  8. More writing – here! In this blog. 

I think thats all for now? Hope its not too much and am able to achieve it. Anyway, today is my fave bro birthday 🎂

새일ㅊㅋㅎ 남동생



May all your wishes come trueeee! Panjang umur. Luas rejeki. Cepat kawin lol and all the best semester baru! Fighting! 💪💪💪

I think thats all. Till then, take care!


.birthday trip.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Well well. Last 14th july, my dad decided to bring me to Kuala Lumpur for a birthday trip. Well not exactly lah because we went to OUM KL first to settle my dad’s work. After that, we went to IKEA CHERAS. Since IKEA JB is still otw. Hahaha. 

Me as lil bro’s photographer
Birthday lunch
Check out
Dont really buy a thing because we only like look around. Its our 1st time to IKEA. hahahaha super jakun pon ade. Wow at every rooms. Hahaha. We ate our lunch there because we’re like super hungry. Plus, my dad brought a small car so we decided to come back later (which is this weekend) to buy another thing. After we went to IKEA, we went to IOI MALL PUTRAJAYA. 

Strolling around the mall and end up buying a perfume, a pair of shoes and sunglasses. For my birthdayyyyy. Yeayyyy. The perfume smells so flowers? It smells good. This thing with buying perfume reminds me of coming-of-age day lol am not even korean plus its my 25th. I just feels like i need a new perfume but am thinking that way? (The perks of watching to much korean dramas)

The perfume 
The shoes 👟👟
Me with the new sunglasses 😎😎😎

I dont know why but am in the mood for blue? Because my raya shoes/sandal is in dark blue. And i bought a dark blue shoes too. Hahaha. My dad used my shoes to kill cockroaches this morning 😂😂😂Then we went to eat ice cream? Milk cow. The taste is sooooo goood like veryyyyy pureee. Its my 1st time eating it. lol 🍦🍦🍦

Both bro & dad tried to feed me at once
After that, lil bro decide to buy a watch. A sport watch. So we end up leaving the mall exactly before magrib. Reached home around 11PM. So tired but then its quite satisfying. Hahaha. Idk man.
Anyway, am 25 now. Feels so old already. Hopefully i gain my strength to walk soon. I wanna walk around the world. 

Till then,


.by friends.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Ape kabar semuaaaaaa? Lamanya tak update. Mwahahaha. Patut2 dah habis belajar ni banyaklah update kan? Lalalala. Anywayyy,,,,



Jemput datang rumah. Hehehehe… raya kan sebulaaaaaan. Hari ni baru 13 syawal. Ade lagi setengah bulan nak beraya. Haha

Anywayyyyyy, semalam (17.7.2016).. hikhik… segan pulak nak cerita… malam sebelum tu sarah mesej cakap nak datang raya. Well… biasa memang sarah & the geng akan datang raya umah. Cuma tahun lepas sarah dengan shepa je yang datang. Ok2.. sarah mesej then dalam group adalah update berapa orang nak datang. Waktunya bilaaaaa..

Semalam pagi umi ada event kat sekolah, balik tengahari tu baru umi masak. Dalam 1 lebih diorang sampai tapi dah siap masaklah. Aku pulak TER tido so kelam kabut solat and tukar baju pastu duk depan borak2 sementara tunggu budak2 laki pulak sampai.

Pastu bila dah sampai semua, umi ajak makan pastuuuu pastuuuu ternampak sarah bawak kotak kek. Aku dah……………… terharuuuuuu iols tauuuu.

Diorang nyanyi HAPPY BIRTHDAY hahhahaa siap pakai topeng mataaaa. Ahahhaa comelllll…. memang cam tak sangkalah sebab well… birthday aku dah lepas dah sebenarnya… comel betul diorang ni. 

Comel kaannnnn? Ahahaha… lepas tu makan2 and biasalah gambo2 bila raya ni.

Terharu sangat hahaha dah tuaaaa pon sambut birthday hahaha 

Ahaha banyak pulak gambooo. Mujor tukar baju. Selalunya kalau diorang datang, aku pakai baju tidur je. Hahaha. Terima kasih sarah, wani, ecah, shepaaaaa, zizan, ejan and epul. Tak ku sangkaaaaa. Hehe ;D lenkali boleh celebrate lagi. Hikhik. (Am so positive my birthday falls on raya AGAIN next year)

Till then, 


.happy birthday ayah.

Assalamualaikum wbt

entry hari ni ditujukan khas utk…


kerana telah selamat menyambut hari lahirnya yang ke 48? kot.hahaha.silalah kira sendiri ye.beliau lahir pada tahun 1963 😉

anyway..semoga Allah limpahkan lebih banyak rezeki untuk ayah and semoga perniagaan ayah berkembang dan maju 🙂

my mum and my dad 😉

.Happy Twenty.

Assalamualaikum wbt

ngee.belum pape dah 14th july kan? ngee 😀 tetiba je dah… ehh…doploh tahun.dah besar tu.angka kat umur pun dah berubah.cehh..macam dah besar sangat je.papepon,,



happy birthday to other people who have the same birth date with me ^^, we’re the coolio aite?

hurm..firstly, nak ucapkan thanks pada ummi sebab lahirkan fa.and thanks pada ayah sekali sebab tanpa ayah, who am I la pada hari ni.ngee 😀 terima kasih sebab besokan fa 😉 jaga makan minum fa, bawak fa pegi jumpe doc pe semua.ngee.nk list-kan memang tak larat la eden ni ha.terima kasih banyak banyak banyak tak terhingga ^^,

second, terima kasih ya Allah sebab menghidupkan saya sehingga saya berumur 20 tahun.terima kasih sangat sangat.syukran.alhamdulillah sebab beri kesempatan merasa dunia hingga umur 20 tahun.

then, nak ucapkan TERIMA KASIH, THANKS, SYUKRAN, XIE XIE pada semua kawan2 sekolah, kawan2 matrik, kawan2 universiti, senior, junior, abang2, kakak2, makcik, pakcik, cousin and other families and everyone yang sudi mendoakan fa pada hari ni.ngee.jgan lupa doakan fa pada hari lain jugak ye.


ni dah masuk doploh ni,, jaga diri elok elok dari segala segi.tambah lagi setahun kang nak kawin pulak.ngee 😀

lastly, terima kasih Farhah sebab dah berjaya (berjaya ke?) hidup hingga menjejak dua puluh tahun.

that’s all 😉

salam ❤