.27 and counting.

Assalamualaikum wbt

hello people. long time no see *again* anyway,, i want to share what i did during my birthday this year. well, as you all know [please pretend you even when you dont], i’m usually dont join big event especially if the event is outside johor. thank god, last weekend was a special one.

I went for an event by @btsforcharity. they organised an event at  ARTCUBE GALLERY, KUALA LUMPUR last weekend, #LUSTRUMSCENE. its an account for bts fans but they’re more on doing charity event and stuffs. long story short, yupp this event.

so, the journey started after subuh. we [me and bro] dropped my mum at AYER KEROH, MELAKA. Then moved to KL. I arrived there around 10.50-ish. Yuna picked me up. then we lepak2 at McD. Met Jia and B, superfun! I met Jia before at Shah Alam. Met Angel too! Met KakSeul, Bee~ ahhh I met Nicola there!!!! she came down to say hi. anddd I met Ainur, she brought me cake! met another Jia with her sister.

they sang me birthday song at McD lol it was embarrassing but fun hahaha because suddenly there’s an aunt who came to our table and asked which one of you celebrate their birthday then she said one of her son is having a birthday too and we end up singing birthday song to him too. cute >,<

then i think around 12 something only we went to see the exhibition hahaha and of course meeting with lots of other ARMYs too! let me try to list it down. hahaha. I met Feefa, Abby, Z le brat, Kina, Anyara, Beth!!!!,  kak tea, wonnie, iffah, Adel, Mimi. Yun and Angel are the one who push me around. i met kak Manja too!!! wish can stay longer to talk to her.

I’m like super thankful to all of them because they seriously so much fun!!! we talked, gossiped, and took lots of photos but of course not in my phone. I received  another 2 cakes ; 1 from kak seul and another 1 from beth and angel. they’re such a sweetheart. so in total 3 cakes.

ahh Z ended up going back with me because hahahahahaha she can 😛 after the event we met adik at cyberjaya, gave her nectar and amil gave her some money lewls arrived home by 11 pm and caught up with some issues on my account but worry not, i’m totally fine with it hahaha so thankful for ‘mute’ function in twitter.

oh yaaa, before i end this post, i actually wanna say THOUSANDS OF THANKS to my buddies [YUN, ANGEL, JIA, BETH] for entertaining me there, pushed me around the checkpoints in the exhibition, to KakSeul and Ainur for giving me cakes for my birthday [Angel and Beth too!] and to KakSeul for taking lots of photos for me.

this is like my first time joining an event in a fandom and its on my birthday and seriously so thankful to all of them. may god repay you guys good things! its like meeting friends who knew you in real life when you actually knew them from internet. first time is like thousands time already because never feel any gap in the friendship. i might end up crying lol i reallly3x love them so much oh god please get them under your protection!

lastly, thank you for all the birthday wishes [hi AG! love you! <3] from my friends and followers in my fan account and yeahh basically everyone who wishes me. may good things happen to you too! enjoy the pictures.

from AINUR



ps: thank god not so many people in the foodcourt. its hahahaha…. but thanks guys. i really3 love you guys. i had so much fun on my birthday this year! i might missed some names so, sorry!

.a graduation day story.

Assalamualaikum wbt

ahahaha… almost a month after my graduation day here i am baru nak cerita lol.. bare with me as this post gonna be long ass post with photos and probably some sobbing captions or story ahahaha…

apparently, its a month after my graduation day than only am able to write about my graduation day story. lol. super busy aaahh these days. sorry babe~ anyway, so, my graduation day was on 24th october 2016, its a day after mum’s birthday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MUM~!) so how should i write this… please note that this might be long ass crappy with photos and captions.

those who knew me in real life or internet life [in any life la kannn] mostly knew la my conditions so, because of that, oh my god, am so amazed that i finally able to graduate with degree in chemistry. do you know how tough my life is? ahaha okay maybe not that tough laaaaa. so on that day itself baru i managed to contact with organiser?? to rehearsal how am i gonna take my album. [ now i forgot who that bro name – the one who pushed me that day LOL]. adik skipped school and accompanied me backstage. ahaha. thanks adik~!



and… i planned to stand up when i received my album BUTTTTTTTT things happened. AHAHAHAHAH dramatic kau ni~ Pro Chancellor? tu turun pulak dari tempat dia and i happened to ‘tak sempat’ nak berdiri untuk ambil album. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… and my convo picture kinda crappy too. anyway, i dont really mind that. and guess what, they wrote my story for utm convo bulletin.


pastu ramai la pulak dok share2. omg malu gilaaaaaaaaaaa.. ahahhaa.. but looking at the bright side, FARHAH DAH GRADUATE WEIIIIII. orang lain amik masa 3 ke 4 tahun je nak grad kau amik sampai 5 tahun lol. mujur jugak wei MUET dah expired tu tak jadi hal, kalau tak sangkut lagi. ahahaha padahal dah nak sangkut gak graduation sebab tak amik UTM plus2 tu. hahaha.

lepas majlis, ape lagi~~~ mehla amik gambo~



dengan kak nad and kak ima, best akak ever
dengan ida, geng kpop haha
Dgn cikyam
dengan adik2 junior, chia-fainnas-din
kak et dengan AG, lol -o- sape pernah baca pasal AG, ni aaa AG… ahaha kebetulan plak akk dia grad on the same session maka kita pon paksa ahhh AG jumpa. lol. hi AG, hadiah grad bile nak bagi ;P





dah nak balik tu nampak pulak En Hashim, a gift from GOD sbb En Hashim banyak sangat tolong kitaaaaa 🙂
with MekD ahahaha dengan Diana, my fave girl ever… tapi dia busy aaa sekrang, dah berkerjaya gituuuu
dengan family ida~
the girls




diana and ……. [lupa sapa nama dia tapi dia ni sekelas ko-q kalau tak silap, budak mathematics] agagaga…
without Amil sebab dia ade kelas but later that night we went to studio to take photos

haha tipulah kalau dalam kegembiraan ni tak sedih sebab tak graduate dengan rakan sekelas buttt i dont mind sebab lain orang lain ceritanya and of course, being a kpop girl 😛 i took photos with my bias too, JIMIN


then, on the same week, [since i decided to return the robe on the last day], we went to faculty to meet lecturers. i was hoping to meet my PA, Dr Farediah and gladly met her on that day. and…. since i went there with my mum, we also met Dr Hasnah. LOLOL my mum supervisor, what a small world we live in. and guess what, kecoh kot~ ahahaha..

Dr. Hasnah citer pasal dia tanya aku, on the first day masa aku kat utm, in the first class after taking a break for a year, ‘kenapa awak tak tukar course je…’ upon seeing me in wheelchair during that time. walaupun dah 4 tahun berlalu, wa ingat lagi ayat Dr. Hasnah wei. ahahaha sentap punya pasal. ma kinda make a big deal cakap aku nangis la pe la padahal aku tak nangis pon. like whatever la Dr~pastu psl PSM lagi dengan dia. fuhhhhh… naseb baek ah ade Dr Hasmerya datang membantu. tapi itu hari tak dapat jumpa pon Dr. Hasmerya.

Dengan SV dak Diana, Dr Aziah
me ma and Dr. Hasnah
dgn Dr. Farediah, My PA
Kak Iffah, akak pejabat yg byk tolong kitaaaaa
alahaiiii christine.. my classmate tapi dah grad last year now tgh smbung belajar lagi. cool~
Dr belanja minum… dkt bilik aktiviti… ahahaha…
dgn adik2 manja~







Dr. Rusmidah
aten and nana, my labmates masa dengan Prof Rahim
Encik Daniel

pastuuuuuu petangnya konon nak amik gambo dekat Iskandar sat g hujan selebat lebatnyaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah esok petangnya baru pergi tapi ye ye oooo jela gamba2nya pon hahaha

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

so thats all… hahaha… lastly, nak say THANKS beribu2 TERIMA KASIH SAYANG to everyone yang menjayakan sesi pembelajaran fa di UTM, USM semualaaaaaa especially to my family members – umi, ayah, ojan, amil, syaffaa-, to all my classmates [ssca 2015, ssca 2016, ssca 2018, few sscc2016 and girls in USM – wiena, khalid, ana, kiah, ju, another ana, hanis, anis, mas and ramai lagi], lecturers [yang ajar dan tak ajar tapi still dont give up on me], akak2 pejabat [kak iffah, kak liza, kak zamila and yg lain2 sorry tak sebut nama sbb xtahu heeeeeeeeee 😀 but you know who you are laaaa],  Dr. Hasmerya and akak2 lab – kak ima, kak nad, kak ros, kak syara [ape kabo baby] -, and my girls – adah, izzati, kak ros, cikyam, fyda, nad, kak rai, diana, ida, ily, umi zulaikha – yang tolong2 drive pergi kelas pergi makan pergi meronda lol and to everyone yang doakan2 fa dalam diam sampailah fa habis belajar. jasamu ku kenang, moga tuhan permudahkan urusan hidup kalian. hikhik. terharu takkkk… haha..perasan kau ni~

maka tamatlah cerita degree fa~ ape buat sekarang… ahaha… next post la cerita buat ape sekarang, till then, take care~

ps : maaflerrr banyak gambo~

.Sarah kawin.

Assalamualaikum wbt

finally some good news to tell. last 22th october, a good friend of mine from high school got married. Well, it was a friend from my last high school. At first, we wanted to come during the reception but then, my lil bro and sis were not at home during that time so mum asked me if we can come during the nikah. I asked sarah and she said okay.

So we went around 930AM and met Wanie, Sarah’s best friend. And witnessed the nikah process (?) mum cried seeing sarah being hitched i dont know why maybe she felt like sarah is her daughter. Well apparently, my classmates are all my mum sons and daughters and they called my mum, ummi too. And bapak sarah yang nikahkan. I wish i will be that lucky.

Sarah is so beautiful on that day i wanted to cry too. Hehe ;D #sarahabqoriwedding i took videos and photos buttttt i look ugly so I’m just gonna upload the one from the whatsapp group. HAHAHAHAHA

The only decent picture of me with the pengantin 👆👆👆 and… this is like the 3rd friend weddings i went this year(?) because usually i didnt go to any of my friend wedding because of my conditions.

I wish the best for Sarah and Abqori for their marriage. Hopefully till Jannah. BARAKAH WA RAHMAH 💑💑💑

.Nazeerah’s wedding.

Assalamualaikum wbt

How are youuu? Lol. Like people read it anywayyyy last 20th August, my dear friend, from SSCA 2015 got married. Basically she is someone who kinda play important role in my life? Aaaaaiihhh what am i saying? During my degree life, she is one of those helpful and kind soul who helps me. So she is important. Haha? Okay2. So she get married on the 20th at The Mines 2, Seri Kembangan. We went there (without dad of course since he is so busy with qurban things). 

We started our journey around 9Am and arrived there around 1pm? And I’m glad that i went there because i met most of my classmates there. Here some picturesss (from class whatsapp group and my brother’s gopro).

Pengantin cantik

Tengok pengantinnnnn
Free styleeeee

Everyone looks so beautiful especially the bride & groom. Heheeeeee. Too bad I can’t stay too long during that time because mum wants to go to her friend’s son/daughter wedding at The Duchess Place, Ampang which turned out bad. The place got small parking. We had to walk far and almost all the food, when we arrived around 3pm something finished already. So sad ;( plus it was freaking hot that day. We didn’t even get doorgift ;(

We decided to stay in IOI RESORT, Putrajaya that night after looking for hotel around KLCC which kinda full that day. Had dinner in Dubuyo, Ioi Mall and sleep. Super tireddddd. But yeahhh, Dubuyo kinda eatable? I can eat the kimchi there compared when i had it at Ampang Mall? (I cant even remember the place) long time ago. 

Then the next day, at 1st mum wants to go to Janda Baik but siblings dont really want so we decided to lepak2 at ioi mall,had our lunch and went to Seremban to pick up adik’s things (yes, adik dropped out of SBP and mum register her to SIGS. From SGS to SIGS.LOL) and went back to JB.

To Nazeerah (in case she read this which i highly doubt), SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARUUUUUU ❤❤❤❤ semoga kekal hingga ke Jannah gituuu. Thanks for helping me during my time in UTM. 사랑해. 

Till then,

Take care everyone!

.birthday trip.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Well well. Last 14th july, my dad decided to bring me to Kuala Lumpur for a birthday trip. Well not exactly lah because we went to OUM KL first to settle my dad’s work. After that, we went to IKEA CHERAS. Since IKEA JB is still otw. Hahaha. 

Me as lil bro’s photographer
Birthday lunch
Check out
Dont really buy a thing because we only like look around. Its our 1st time to IKEA. hahahaha super jakun pon ade. Wow at every rooms. Hahaha. We ate our lunch there because we’re like super hungry. Plus, my dad brought a small car so we decided to come back later (which is this weekend) to buy another thing. After we went to IKEA, we went to IOI MALL PUTRAJAYA. 

Strolling around the mall and end up buying a perfume, a pair of shoes and sunglasses. For my birthdayyyyy. Yeayyyy. The perfume smells so flowers? It smells good. This thing with buying perfume reminds me of coming-of-age day lol am not even korean plus its my 25th. I just feels like i need a new perfume but am thinking that way? (The perks of watching to much korean dramas)

The perfume 
The shoes 👟👟
Me with the new sunglasses 😎😎😎

I dont know why but am in the mood for blue? Because my raya shoes/sandal is in dark blue. And i bought a dark blue shoes too. Hahaha. My dad used my shoes to kill cockroaches this morning 😂😂😂Then we went to eat ice cream? Milk cow. The taste is sooooo goood like veryyyyy pureee. Its my 1st time eating it. lol 🍦🍦🍦

Both bro & dad tried to feed me at once
After that, lil bro decide to buy a watch. A sport watch. So we end up leaving the mall exactly before magrib. Reached home around 11PM. So tired but then its quite satisfying. Hahaha. Idk man.
Anyway, am 25 now. Feels so old already. Hopefully i gain my strength to walk soon. I wanna walk around the world. 

Till then,


.healing trip.

Assalamualaikum wbt

Apa kabar semuaaaaa? Alhamdulillah hari tu dapat berjalan ke Perak. ㅋㅋㅋ kisahnya, adik balik dari sekolah asrama dia ikut kawan dia balik rumah di Ipoh, Perak. And… kebetulan pulak, something happened so ummi ajak pergi ambil adik di Perak. Mwahahaha.

Jadinya, sabtu 6hb malam tu gerak ke Perak perlahan lahan. Dalam pukul 11 malam macam tu gerak. Sampai RNR TAPAH dalam waktu Subuh camtu. Subuh di utara kan lambat dalam 610 macam tu. Kitorang siap berhenti di RNR PAGOH, RESTORAN JMBTN SG BULOH sebelum2 tu.


Sampai Ipoh tu pagi lah kan… besttttt sebab nampak kabus and awan? Hahaha cantik sangat subhanallah.

Pastu kitorg pergi masjid negeri. Mandi2 apa semua then google2 cari sarapan. Baca2 blog orang suggest makan sarapan dekat Medan Selera Dato Sagor. Kebetulannya medan selera tu kat belakang masjid je. Lol. Dekat jelah pusing2 situ. Makan roti goyang dengan mee udang.

mee udang
roti goyang telur sedapppppp

Sedappp aaaa roti goyang…. 아아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ pastu adik ckp dia nk pergi Aeon Klebang jadinya kitorg (aku, ummi dan amil) gerak cari aeon tu. Sampai awal gak lah dalam pukul 11 macam tu. Aku pun mesej Adah dah alang2 ada dekat Ipoh kan. Pastu jalan2 dalam Aeon tu.





Kahkah. Gambo dalam Kaison je sebab Kaison bestttt gilaaaaaaa. Hahhaha. Pastu jumpa adik. Pastu lapaaaaa pergi foodcourt. Adah mesej cakap dia otw. Ingatkan dia dtg dengan zarip rupenya datang dengan family. Segan ai. Adah dh kurussss. Jeles aiiii

a good day to remember


Lepas borak2, kitorg beransur ke Kuala Lumpur. Terima kasih Adah & Family sebab belanja kitorang. Mihmihmih. Dah petang jugaklah sampai KL. Dalam pkl 5 lbih. Call hotel sana sini banyak dah penuh dan yang tinggal tu bilik mahal2. Alhamdulillah Hotel Vistana ade kosong. Jadi check in hotel. Dah petang sangat lagipun.

Malamnya pulak pergi IOI MALL Putrajaya kawan MRSM ummi ajak. Ada cik Pinat, cik Poje dengan cik Anis. Cik pinat suh parking dekat Premier Parking so…. tutup mata jelah parking situ. Hahaha. Weekend kan? 1st hour RM20 kauuu. Malam tu makan dekat Magnum Cafe. Kalau pergi sendiri, berangan jelah kan makan kat situ.


mushroom soup
honey soy chicken
salted egg chicken spaghetti
twice chicken wings

Bangun pagi… pfttt solat subuh 610AM baru subuh tunggu dalam pukul 7 lebih 8 camtu baru pergi sarapan.


Pastu 12PM check out. Memula nak pergi Sogo tapi jammed ramai sgt orang last2 pergi IOI MALL lagi. ㅁㅡㅁ best gaklah pergi situ.


salmon steak hotplate


Jalan sana sini pastu laparrrrrrr, pergi makan dekat kedai jepun ape ntah nama dekat ground floor. Bolehlaaaa makanan jepun. Kena gakla tekak aku. Hahaha. Aircond kat sana kuat so sejuk so ulang alik pergi toilet seb baik toilet selesa.  👍👍👍👍 so next time boleh pergi lagi.

Adelah beli 2 3 baju sikit. Hahahahah. By the way, next week inshallah start last semester thank god tazzabar nak habiskan. Tapi fyp tak siap lagi ohhhh goooddddd. Okaylah. That’s all for this entry. Buh-bye

.Raya 2015.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Ehem… macam rajin pulok kita nak update hari hari ekkk…kikiki… kali ni nak update pasal raya walaupun raya dah habis. First raya kan hari jumaat, jadinya takde pegi raya mane pun. Raya umah atok pastu dah waktu solat.

me and adik at atok’s
ummi and kak siti

Pastu raya 2 pegi mane ekkk. Duk umah je kot. Hahaha…menyiapkan diri untuk sambutan hari raya keluarga ayah. 2 tahun lepas kitorg jadi tuan rumah. Tahun ni kitorang lagi. Dengan family cik ran. Buat dekat MSuite hotel. Bergabung dengan family ummi. Booked around 23 rooms. Ngeee… nah gambo.




















Pastu esoknya pergi beraya umah paklong, kak long cik ran and umah mak cik lyn kat ulu choh.


Pastuuuu… dah tak pergi beraya. Tunggu orang datang umah. This year, kengkawan perling datang beraya.


Kawan2 sdary pun ada jugak.



Pastu kawan baik masa kat SETA pon ada datang. Kikiki. Kitorang ni macam gilir2 datang raya. Tapi last year punya raya macam takde jumpa je. Hahhaha.


Kawan sigs je takde. Mwahaha. Aku pun takde dah rapat dengan sesape mase aku kat sigs. Btw, simple annn raya aku. Harap tahun depan raya umah mertua. Kikiki. Mohon doa dari semuaaaa.

Till then, buh-bye